Need advice: Upcoming fighter I am developing. Should I sell it?

Developing a fighter should I sell it or it be ad supported?

I am developing a fighter for PC with original characters,music,and artwork using FM2R engine. Should I sell this game outright or use an ad affilliate?

The game has 12 characters(demo) and the full version has 16 characters. Original music,online support and original sound effects.

I am almost done on the art. I have to finish the 35 character roster. But 16 is enough for the first game.

get ggpo in there and if its good i think many people would be willing to pay for it

Pretty sure you can’t sell games off a pre-made engine or tool that makes them for you. Pretty sure that’s illegal. I also know any pre-made fighting game off a tool or maker is going to suck, That’s like saying you’re trying to sell a mugen game.

As a person who has helped in the development of several games I offer the following advice.

In making your game your want to make sure that you generate an interest in the game. This means, Creating a demo, Releasing screen shots, Making videos, and giving general information about the game to your target audience(being the players obviously). I wouldnt make any choice about selling the game with out creating some buzz/interest in the game first. Also, From my understanding, selling a game through affiliation doesnt work so well. You are probably gonna have to do all the grunt work yourself on that. At least that is what I would recommend. If you have any questions you can feel free to email me at or Or just PM me here on this site and I will try to get back to you and help as much as I can

Not exactly true, there are a bunch of source mods you can purchase, not to mention half of all console games are on UE3

Don’t you have to buy a license to make games with UE3?

Okay, here’s how it works. You can not sell a game product on any licensed engine, unless it’s yours with out paying outright for it, or paying a percentage fee. Epic can let you use their UDK for free, but only if the result is for free/mod usage or educational purposes. If you choose to use UDK to create something for profit, they will ask for a percentage off of every copy you sell. Other engines such as Unity and Torque require you to purchase it, either as a whole or per seat; as in with Unity specifically the free version only give you 1/3 of what the full engine has.