Need advice

I recently decided to pick cammy up as my new main, i have been doing quite well with here actually considering i started yesterday. I am able to make it to game 3 in g2 tournaments consistently, but i have a huge problem with her.

I can only win when turtle.

No matter what i do, my, pokes are always beaten by something. My blockstring gets dp mashed out of. Which doesnt seem possible.

My offense with her is terrible, but my defense is rock solid. So, can someone give me some advice on how to make my pokes not get beaten, or to get in on the opponent to start my mixups?

Cammy is a rushdown character with plenty of mixups and gimmicks. Try using cannon strikes fast and smartly. And mixup with throws. Then take advantage when their expecting the next throw. If you’re on pan add me

I dont understand this

Anytime i decide to touch my fucking joystick i get hit with a random ass srk.

Every time i know the opponent down, i get hit with a fuckin srk

Every time i do a blockstring, the opponent spams a fuckin srk.

Every time i do anything, i get hit with a random srk.

I am never able to do anything when i go on the offense.

Someone needs to play me or something and tell me what im doing wrong, im about to say fuck this game and go back to ssf2t. At least there i dont get fucking killed by bullshit reversals that any moron can do that turn you the fuck around when you get crossed up.

XBL GT: Typhon

I don’t think you would get hit by SRKs unless your opponent was spamming them while you were doing your blockstring and you missed a link. I share your frustration on srks though. Coming from an SNK background, I tend to like jumping a lot…and in this game SRKs shuts down that option a lot.

For offense, I just aim to knock down the opponent and start doing mixups from there. For mixups, I usually try to attempt a cross-up, bait an SRK or do a blockstring. When doing blockstrings, I try to insert the an occasional throw or FA.

I’m still trying to learn how to incorporate TK strikes into mixups…but I always seem to eat an srk doing so.

When doing a combo, I try to end up with a CS FADC combo when coming from an FA or whenever I actually land a jumping RH. From blockstrings and cross-ups, I usually use the c.lp spiral arrow …or c.HP. spiral arrow.

Oh yeah, just wanna express my thanks to this discussion group. Everything I do in the game with Cammy, I basically learnt from here and watching vids from evildrakefang and vasaznion. Props to you guys :slight_smile:

i feel your pain. but try baiting the SRKs if they keep relying on them. bait them when they’re getting up, bait them by stopping your blockstring early, etc etc.

hopefully after you bait and punish a few times they’ll stop and the real games can begin. if they don’t stop keep baiting, win and find a new opponent

hahaha, sorry man. I hear ya. You have to bait them into using their DP. Make your blockstrings 1 or 2 hits shorter than you would normally do. Let them jump straight up, then COMBO. Try to look like you’re going in to do something, and then when they srk, make sure you’re blocking.

Feel free to add me. I’ll do what I can to help you.

I love cammy’s mixup game.