Need an advice on sticks


Hello im a casual fighting games player, nothing too serious.
Well i was wondering how much would cost to make my own stick, if i only need the parts,( i can make my own case, and i do know how to solder so i can install everything),so i actually just need to know what would be the price and wich parts should i get?, im just a casual player i dont want anything to like compete.
Excuse my bad english, thanks.


What system or systems do you want your stick to be compatible with? When you say you can make your own case, does that mean you have a router, a saw of some sort, clamps, a drill, hole saws (at least 30mm and 24mm), and the ability to use all of them?

Aside from the bare case, you’ll need (all prices are estimated in USD minus shipping):

•Joystick, ~$25 (for a quality Japanese stick, American style iL is ~$12, knockoffs of both are cheaper)
•8-11 buttons (depending on whether you want a 6 or 8 button layout and whether or not you want/need a dedicated home button), ~$2.75/ea (for quality buttons, cheaper ones can be had)
•Wire (ideally stranded 22-26 AWG), footage needs depend on your layout- probably around $10
•PCB (printed circuit board)/encoder, can be either a padhack or a custom PCB, price can range from “free” (if you already have a common ground controller you’re willing to sacrifice) to $20-$60 for a custom pcb
•Female quick disconnects, 2 for each button, and 2 for each direction if your stick does not use a 5 pin harness- get way more than you need, in any case- price varies wildly depending on where you’re getting them and what sizes you need (.110" for Japanese buttons, .187" for American style)

If you’re in the US, I highly recommend you jump on this deal (good through 4/21), as the sticks and buttons alone will cost you more than this (for quality parts):

If you want to go really cheap (as in low price and not worried about quality), look for complete kits of knockoff parts from Chinese sellers on Ebay like this:

…When it’s all said and done, most people are better off buying a pre-built stick, as far as cost goes. With that Madcatz stick for $50, I can guarantee you you won’t be able to build at that quality level for that price. You can modify it with a different PCB (for different system support) and you’re still going to come out ahead.


+1 this was a steal at $70, at $50 I’ll have to buy a few just to cannabalize the parts.


Yeah i have all the tools to make the case, my dad has a workshop, and i been learning how to make guitars(my dads a luthier), i was just wondering about the parts, and its for pc, i just want to have a good time u know… , and btw the madcatz u linked its for wii u , would that work for pc? also how much time will both last?.
Excuse my bad english again and thanks


You can get an encoder for the PC for fairly cheap, you could do this for all under $100 and not need to build a case. The stick usually goes for ~$25, and the buttons for another ~$30, so it’s like your getting the case for free. Or sell the case later on when this promotion isn’t going on, sell theJLF and get yourself an Ultimarc Ultistik. It’s a Hall Effect stick and PC encoder all in one.


A luthier dad? That’s really cool, learn all you can from him. As for PC compatibility, you would either have to use an adapter (like this ), or add a PCB/encoder (which is a far superior method, as adapters can be problematic). If PC compatibility is all you want, just get one of these ( ). It’s dirt cheap, works great, it comes with all the wires/connectors you need, and it’s as simple as possible to install (doesn’t sound like you’re concerned about the Wii compatibility, so you could just disconnect the existing wiring and plug this PCB right in).

As for durability, quality parts (like the Sanwas in the Madcatz stick we’re discussing) will last a pretty good while, and they’re cheap/easy to fix. Replace the microswitch, and a button’s good as new. Since you know how to solder, you could also replace individual directional microswitches on the joystick (also cheap/easy). Beyond that, some silicone grease for the joystick pivot and replacing the actuator when it’s worn (again, dirt cheap and easy) will be all you’ll have to do whenever it does need maintenance.


well thanks, i think i might just get the PCB and the Madcatz u guys said, but i really wanted to make my case lmao, i was gonna make it of zebrawood to match my newest guitar, thanks all of u.


Make your own case! Everyone’s should make at least one stick. Its just the deal on that Madcatz is a very good deal, even just for the parts. I’ve got 14 sticks and will probably go ahead and buy two of those to cannabalize cloud other projects.


alright thanks to both of u, im gonna order that.