Need an advice, stick issue


I need a beginners stick that works on PC and xbox 360. I have narrowed it down to two sticks which I think might suit me and I would appreciate some advice.

The first one is the standard SF4 fightstick which seems very good from what I’ve read. The other one is Hori Fightstick for Xbox 360 (don’t know which version) which someone I know has in possession. The guy I am talking about ordered it from Japan, and it is still unopened. He offered to sell it to me for about 70$ which seemed like a good deal, while the SF4 fightstick is about 90$ where I live.

Keep in mind I am a beginner with sticks and I am not interested in modding my stick (yet). If it helps any, I only play 2d fighters such as SF2, Garou, SF3 and going to use it for SF4.

Thanks in advance!


SF4 regular fightstick is of higher quality and is really easy to mod.

Hori Fightstick is decent, but smaller, not quite as sturdy parts and a pain in the ass to mod.


But I am not even sure if I want to mod. Is it a big difference in button/stick on the two sticks?


The standard edition SF4 stick is supposed to have higher grade parts the Hori EX2.

Even if you don’t plan to mod at first, when the parts start to die it’ll be easier to swap them out with new ones. The EX2 is a tough mod and Sanwa JLF’s won’t fit without any modification.


QFT… shell out the extra few bucks for the SF4 Standard Stick. You will be more happy with the build and quality of the buttons. Even if you wont mod it… if something breaks = a simple fix. Also… If you decide sometime in the future to get more serious into fighting games and mod your stick, this is the best choice IMO.

Good luck


Thanks for the advices. I am wondering though, have all of you tested the SF4 fightstick or do you base your opinions on what you’ve read. To me it seems like the Hori stick is a safe bet, japanese parts, the one I know hasn’t had problems with it while the SF4 stick only has props on it’s modding details.


im not sure if your talking about the hori EX or the EX2, but if its the EX2, and one of you buttons fail, its going to be hell to fix. The Standard Edition Fightstick on the other hand can be fixed very very easily.


The EX 2


get the standard edition fightstick.


The ex2 is a right piece of shite. LT and A buttons both went dead in 3 weeks. You should shell out the cash and get the SF4 standard stick.


After reading what you guys said, i figgerd id give a stick ago my only questions are:

Am i too late to get a standard SF4 Fight Stick for the 360??

Do u think madcatz are going to make anymore?

im only asking because everywhere ive looked there no sign of them (apart from signing up to and geting an e-mail when it becomes available) and i really dont want to hand over 179.99 as seen on ebay :wtf:


I called around a bit, and looked online, and ended up buying one off eBay (desperation + impatience = sucker). If you can wait until late March or April, it’ll probably be easier to find one. I’m sure Madcatz will make more - they are a business hoping to make money, and clearly there’s a huge demand right now. I suppose they could eventually run into licensing issues with Capcom (e.g., Capcom probably didn’t give MadCatz the exclusive rights to SF forever), but that would only mean removal of the Street Fighter branding.

Also, their site says the TE will be available in April.