Need an Arcade Stick for PS3/PS2 games

What do you guys recommend?

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Hori Real Arcade Pro Stick 3

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Wrong section, go to tech talk. They have sticked threads with all the info you need.
But, I do recommend for the Ps3 a VSHG or HRAP3. Which will work with BC ps2 games too.
But if you’re going the other way around, then an HRAP2 with a pelican converter.

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An HRAP3 will work with PS2 games on the PS3 (technically), but it will also register random inputs for no reason (that you totally didn’t press). So unless you like your characters to jump randomly throughout your matches (or get the game paused out of nowhere), I wouldn’t recommend using an HRAP3 for PS2 games on the PS3.

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also, closing thread since this has been horribly derailed, and OP recieved a infraction. go to tech talk and drop the attitude, you posted in the wrong forum anyway so of course ppl are gonna flame u