[Need an Avatar]

Okay, I haven’t been in here in awhile so now I figure I could ask around for an avatar and hopefully one of you could help me out.

Use colors like silver, gray and white… using Storm, Sent and/or Cable. try and infuse the title of “OCV Krew” in it somewhere, maybe transparent or something. Whatever you want is fine, jsut use those colors and atleast one of those characters please.

Thanks so much in advance.

`Dirty :wtf:

ill give it a shot

Good lookin’ out man. Thanks.

[IMG]http://img79.echo.cx/img79/2274/dirty7hn.gif[/IMG] sorry it dosent have ur name in it hope u like it n e changes pm me :tup:

Hey man, thanks for the effort… I hella appreciate it. I was wondering though… the “OCV KREW” looks alittle too bold, could you maybe mess with that… and uhh, come up with something different for the backround?

Sorry if I’m asking alot…


yeah ill try something new but im gonna be a little busy tonight but ill get to it soon