Need an easy solution please help


Whats up SRK? I’ve been lurking these forums for a while now and have also been searching for a solution to my question.

I got a TVC stick for my wii and was wondering if there is a simple way to use it on my 360. I’m not to tech savy but my girl friend is. :slight_smile: So if I have to install a new pcb can u guys give the most simple solution.

Thanks for the help.


Ah… you’re trying to do what I’ll be doing next week.

I’ve not worked with TvC sticks before but have purchased a load because they’re wretchedly cheap at the moment. My theory is that you can make it 360 compatible by dual modding it with a MadCatz 360 Fightpad and a DPDT switch. That’s assuming the Wii motherboard is common ground…

If you look up the various guides here on how to hack a 360 Fightpad and install it in a PS3 SE Fightstick stick, that should give you the general idea. Sorry I can’t give you anything more concrete but will report back on my own project around Wednesday.


Awesome! So there is no wii to 360 adapters?


Now that I do not know.


Easiest solution is to buy a 360 SE stick and swap the either the pcb or buttons.

Anything involving a soldering iron ($30) and a xbox 360 fightpad($40) and soldering supplies ~$(30-50)

is just more expensive than getting an xbox 360 SE and buying buttons and a stick.


Wii can be wired with a madcatz fightpad PCB and switch with an dpdt or imp switch. RT is right when he says it’s cheaper to buy yourself a new stick. If you’re determined, then you can read nerrage’s dual mod thread. Just chiming in that it is possible to mod and not too difficult if you plan it out.


jamesepoop, you can’t combine the USB wires with a DPDT or an Imp, because Wii is not USB. He will have to have two cords. One to plug into Wiimote, and other for USB.

But thank you for referencing me. I’m glad to see people referencing.


sorry, you’re right doh. i used an rj45 jack last time. you could possibly modify a 360 break away cable to use a wii mote cable end though since both cables are 4-wires, but that’s a lot more technical than the OP needs. (Wii is technically 4-wire. The last cables i used had VCC connected to DET so you only have 2 signal wires, sda and scl to use for the imp).

In the end, joltz just do whichever is easiest. If you haven’t dual modded before, i’d say take it slow and research other threads that people have modded.


Really? Four? Cool. Didn’t know you could combine two.


Chalk up another advantage of buying for 360. I remember doing something like this for the Xbox 1 to mod it. You take the end of the breakaway that plugs into your machine, and strip the wires down. Find yourself a usb extension cord, and take the female end and strip that end down as well. Use some electrical tape (and some luck) and match up the colors of the now exposed wire. You now have a way to hook up USB devices to your original box.


I prefer shrink wrap/ shrink tubbing over electrical tape for exposed cables/ wires. In the end it looks cleaner and more professional.