Need an expert's help in creating a stick art

Anyone available to take my request? If so, below is the info…

The wood color of my stick is all black, and the template with measurements is:

I’d like to have Ryu from this picture be on the foreground:

And this Ryu in the background, like a silhouette, but not completely black:

Can’t think of a background yet, so maybe you can help me on this one :bgrin:

Button and stick colors are undecided yet, so after the artwork, maybe you can give me some ideas.

Let me know if this is possible. Thanks in advance!

the lasso tool in gimp/photoshop is all you need for it. just cut the images and clean them.

I don’t have either of the tools, and even if I had it, I’m not good at doing that.

So… would anyone wanna take up my request?

why don’t you post in either GuMz’s thread or Tat guy’s thread? they both do quality work.

they seemed busy, and gumz is currently working on your art, so i figured maybe someone free can take on this request.

he’s done with mine, buddy. lol. you should ask him.