Need an explanation for a FF situation


I have a question on this video


Cable activates the FF with his HP (Hit 6) and than later in the combo he uses the AHVB. But I thought that u can’t use special or supermoves during the FF. I only have the PS2 version and there u normaly can’t do Supermoves after u have activated FF.

For example if I do the following with Iron Man I can’t do Proton Canon:

(In the corner): HK, LP, LK, MP, MK, HP (neutral), HK (to pic up the enemy from the ground), jumping, LK, MP, MK, Up HP, infinte… I can’t do the Proton Canon if I use this set up.

Why is this cable able to use ahvb?


By FF are you refering to the fact cable is breaking Flying screen?

You can break flying screen cos cable trips commando as a juggle (commando has yet to land) then does d+LK as an otg which breaks flying screen restrictions so he can then do a super.
Commando has a weird hit box so he’s able to land the trip.

Probably not a good explanation - there should be some threads on breaking flying screen if you search.

Basically if after flying screen someone has yet to land and they are tripped as a juggle, when (or if you can) you Otg you can then do supers. Not many characters can do it.