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  • Chris now slow-falls during his aerial gun attacks. Canceling from j.HK will almost certainly land his SMG/Shottie/MAGNUM for hit or block. The SMG in particular is good tag happy.
  • Cannot be stressed enough: Land the Magnum. It is everything.
  • Still lacking a sound anti-air, probably wanna pair Chris with the Power Stone. It’s shockingly decent as anti-air.




I haven’t recorded anything yet since I’m still playing around, but I had a lot of fun exploring his tools and ended up looking for a partner I could find some synergy with. So far I’ve been working on Ghost Rider/Chris and I really like this team.

Ghost Rider can convert off random Magnum pretty reliably from anywhere, and both have decent options to lock down the opponent short term (or at least make them think twice) giving you tag flexibility in the neutral.

If you use Chris as a combo extender off a Ghost Rider confirm in neutral, and use Ghost Rider’s spinning chain super, you’ll get a vertical tailspin that knocks the opponent high in the air (usually toward the corner). If you tag in Chris once again during the super, you can lay a mine offscreen in the corner and then backdash twice and chuck two grenades. You can submachine gun for a visual confirm if they walk/tag into the mine or grenades or maybe even something from prone. I find Ghost Rider’s supers are easy to work with for Chris level 3 as well. Chris can take advantage of a bunch of other characters this way I’m sure.

Right now my chris neutral is basically shorthop shotgun into slide, prone charge into tag against fast characters, and random magnum.

I tried Firebrand (you can really make the corner a nightmare with traps), Chun Li (neutral offense) and Spiderman (neutral offense, i think there is some web ball into tag mine / crossup stuff or setups during maximum spidey) a bit as well


I think Chris has some big potential. The fact he had invisibility frames on some of his supers is huge. Magnum does big damage. In the corner I can top out about 6.3 k damage. I haven’t found a good way with to set up traps yet. His Lk trap disappears on hit. I’ve been using Chris Hulk and they seem to go real well together. I normally take pot shots from the air with Time stone to mix it up. His neutral combo setup I’m still discovering as sometimes he’s close enough to follow up the air combo and sometimes it’s not. I think it’s character specific. Shotgun normal does keep some air dashers from coming in, but it’s really specific. Captain Marvel is a tough matchup for him so far and Gamora up close. He has a slide which people wouldn’t know so as long as you don’t spam it it’s hard to see coming. I can show some people what I have so far if you guys have PS4. Just private message me. Thanks. Super jump hop very important to his game. His level 3 can blow up soul gem shenanigans


Landmine and Incendiary Grenade can be destroyed by the opponent with any button :confused:

Incendiary Grenades can be self exploded by HK, Machine Gun, Magnum and Shotgun and the explosion stops some projectiles. Landmine when it explodes blocks 1 hit I believe.

I recorded and uploaded pretty much every mine/grenade interaction I could think of


Don’t know if it’s of any use but the Flame Thrower beats Reality Stone Surge Clean.

You can easily hit confirm after with a Magnum Shot and full combo. Even if the opponent is cooked airborne.

Also, while maintaining HP, you can buffer any special move to cancel the Flame Thrower except his d,d+LP. Too bad you cannot maintain the flame while switching.


Here are some stuff I was working on. You can probably be sneaky about a 2nd mixup as after the grenade hit the opponent will pop out. Also the more magnum hits you use in the combo the hit stun activates so you have to be careful or they’ll pop out around 4k range.


So I haven’t played many games with space stone but I like it on Chris.

Not sure how useful but you can Flamethrower and Space Surge they’ll be pulled into a few hits of the flame.


Maybe with a better trapper like rocket raccoon? I dunno. I rather have the mobility.



Sup Guys!

What are the combos I should be using with him if you could type out the notations that would be amazing thanks!


I kinda felt bad doing this