Need an Over the Ear Headphone Recommendation


Hey guys. I’m in the market for an over the ear set of headphones and I have it narrowed down to 3 contenders. Any help and advice is appreciated.

I’ll be using them for console gaming, movie and video watching and for music listening. All 3 are around $100 or less, so that’s not an issue. I’m just looking for user experience.

The choices:

  1. Audio Technica ATH-M50
    These I’m leaning towards. Most of what I read on other forums point to these having the best sound quality. But none of them really mention these as being used under my applications (they’re used for mostly mixing and editing).

  2. Sony MDR 7506
    I know these are just the pro version of the V6’s but I prefer to pay the bit extra for the better warranty. These are an industry standard from what I’ve read and have a reputation for being very durable. That’s important, but sound quality is more important. I was originally going to go for these until I read around.

  3. Sennheiser HD-280 PRO
    Nothing really stands out but a lot of people seem to have these and are happy with them. Also, they’re the cheapest of the 3.

So what do you guys think?
I posted this over at the notebookreview forums as well.


I’d post this on the forums too.

I don’t own nor have used any of these, but I can vouch for the Audio Technica’s ATH line. I love my ATH-ES7’s.


If you’re worried about warranty, Koss offers lifetime warranty on any of their headphones.

Out of your three, I’d go with the ATH.


I’ve tried all of those. Get some Solo Beats by Dre. Or you can splurge for the regular Beats. are the best IMO.


Do not get these. You can buy vastly better headphones for the price.

For under $100, I would recommend either the Sennheiser HD448 or HD555. Sony rides too much on their nameplate, especially with their headphone gear. The ATH lineup is pretty solid once you get over the $200 area, but under there I think you’d enjoy the better balanced sound of the Sennheisers.


HD555 is the way to go for under 100$


Hd555s or AD-700s are best bet for under $100


I’m gonna check out the HD555’s.
Thanks for the input guys. Any more suggestions are welcome.

OK, I checked out the HD555’s but decided against them because they’re open backs. Having closed backs is important.

Though I found another contender to throw in the mix but they’re very expensive. Lowest I found was around $200.
They’re the [[showUID]=44&tx_sbproductdatabase_pi1[showUid][backPID]=68&cHash=ea6cb3ee29"]Beyerdynamics DT 770 PRO]([showUid). I’d be getting the 80 Ohm version. They got great reviews everywhere but I’m not sure I want to spend $200 on headphones unless they’ll last for quite a few years. And of course they have to sound good.:bgrin:

I did check out the beats but wasn’t too pleased with the reviews.


Sennheiser HD-280 PRO, I have 5 of these i use, They’re fucking great the noise cancellation actually works alot of headphones brand it and they don’t work these are fucking perfect, I love these things. They have great quality they snug on your ears also if your into music you can set them on your desk open and turn your music up and still hear in decent quality they actually kick like they have bass on your ears, Someone posted about headphones earlier also suggested these.


I’d get the Audio Technica, if you’re going to use them for mixing. They have the purest sound of those three, BUT they won’t have the virtual surround capability of the Sennheiser HD-555, which is a GREAT home theater set-up. (The 280s won’t have that either.) Sony headphones have to many highs for my taste, but they are very durable. I have an old pair that I bought back in 1995 that is still perfect.

If you’re buying them primarily for gaming, movies, etc. go for the 280s or 555s, if you’re looking at them for mixing, the Audio Technicas. YMMV

EDIT: I hate the Beats too. Too much low end and some distortion in the mids.


I use the HD-280 PROs and they have really balanced sound. You also need to break them in to get the best sound out of them, I forget what this process is called but you play like pink or white noise for like 48 hrs straight on them and after that they sound way better than stock.

If you are looking for good bass then get the ATH or Beyer Dynamics


Yeah I read about it. Some of the guys that do the mixing and whatnot are borderline obsessive with the quality of the headphones they use (they call em “cans”). But I guess that’s why $500 headphones exist.
The process is called “burn in”. Some good info here.

I’d really like to give the beyerdynamics a try because they look super comfy (gotta make sure they can withstand marathon demon’s souls/final fantasy xiii/SF4 sessions without hurting my head), but the price is a bit of a put-off. Maybe if I can get a good deal on em.



Ahh right, Burn-In! I did that to my HD-280 Pros and they sounded way better afterward. They sound like total garbage without burning them in.