Need an updated unlocker for SSF4 AE v2014


Something to unlock all the colors, taunts, titles, challenge mode stuff, etc for steam version. I don’t care about DLC costumes.


There is no such game as SSF4 AE V2014


And this is the last day there is such a game as SSF4AE v2012, so you need to be real quick to find your shit.


when i go into the options menu, the right side of the screen says Ver. 2014 (1.08)

I need an unlocker that works with that version. Older ones just bring up an error message when I try to use them.


stop being a bum and play the game to unlock the taunts and colors. you get nothing for doing trials except the experience.


but I won’t get colors 11 and 12 for any characters except Yang, Yun, Evil Ryu, and Oni (who already have all colors and taunts unlocked from the start). That unlocker is, literally, the ONLY way to make them appear in the PC version of SSF4AE