Need an Xbox 360 Arcade Stick! Mine sucks!

Hey All,
I’ve spent the last 2 hours searching the web with no luck. I’ve also searched this site, so please spare the “Use the search function.” comments. :slight_smile:

I currently own a Hori EX2 fighting stick for the Xbox 360 custom modded with an 8-way gate and bat top. It’s just too tiny for my large hands and I can’t stand the clicking noise from the microswitches.

I’m a huge fan of the original American arcade sticks and I want to find something similar. I’m looking for an 8-way bat top (beefy, not the crappy 30mm Sanwa bat top like I have) that uses leaf or micro-leaf switches (my roommate can hear the Shoryukens coming from a mile away). Can anyone provide suggestions? I’ve looked at the Dream Arcade and the X-Arcade, but it seems like they click as well. I’d also consider buying a custom stick if necessary. Thanks for the help!

Arcade-In-A-Box makes sticks with American Parts index.html. MAS Systems makes sticks with arcade parts

You will have to pretty much go the custom route. It is hard to mod any current gen stick with Happ parts, because the cases require a lot more clearance than what sticks for 360 come with. Or you could go with something like the NubyTech SFAC stick and go the converter route, but that stick has been known to have poor converter compatibility.

Don’t get X-arcade. Fair warning, they are terrible.

Well you have a few options from what I know of. I own a X-Arcade and it uses cheap knock off parts. It has there custom made Sticks, and they are not as good as the IL Eurojoystick, Or Happ Competition sticks. They also use there custom made buttons. Again not as good as the Happ. I have 3 U.S. Arcade style sticks…


SF Anniversary Stick

C & L Controls

I also own a couple of arcade cabs as well. Most of them with stock parts so I know what you mean buy the feel of the stick.

I have played on a few others and these are the ones I like.

The MAS 360 Stick
MAS Pro Xbox 360 Stick (8-button) White Overlay

Other wise I would go the custom stick route. Lots of great builders on here. I’m sure one of them could help you out.

Oh one more thing. Most of the sticks are going to click. Just some are less click’y then others. I would Stick with IL, unless you want to drop the money on a Happ Perfect 360 Joystick. My buddy has that in his MvC2 cab. Those things are sweet.

I think I’ll try the IL. I don’t see how Japanese gamers can’t see the moves coming with the clicking. I hear the clicking noises in a 3-motion and I know that some move is coming along, now matter how fast you are. Thanks!

Okay, I’ve figured out that I want a HAPP Perfect 360 joystick with convex buttons. The Dream Arcades stick is great, but not exactly what I am looking for. Any sticks that I can buy or modify to meet this need?

Happ Perfect 360s are of pretty crappy quality these days. I would avoid them.

Personally i like the IL’s. They’re pretty cheap (like 10 bucks) so doesn’t hurt to try. I find that I’m still pretty good with them since they’re just like the arcades i used to play, even though most of my arcade sticks are japanese ball top styles. Given that you want something relatively quiet and moddable, i’d recommend finding a SFAE to mod. I got my for 25 bucks and the stock parts are pretty good as is actually. You could opt to swap out the parts and its relatively easy/cheap to do so too. Plus theres plenty of face space so it’s comfortable to use.

Great idea! I’ve always been a huge fan of the SFAE sticks anyways. Guess I’ll have to practice soldering. As far as I can recall, the sticks in the SFAE aren’t half bad anyways. I’ll get an IL and install that. Heck, maybe someone will trade me a SFAE for my modded EX2, haha.

There is also Arcade in a box. You may have to convince them to make one with a Perfect 360 stick. They stopped putting them in Arcade sticks when the P360’s where of poor quality.

I ended up getting a SFAC stick in box for $60 with free shipping on eBay. Got here the other day and it’s exactly what I was looking for. I went ahead and ordered Happ Competition Joystick and buttons to replace as well as a PS2 to Xbox 360 adapter. Hopefully I’ll be reporting success soon and will post a few pictures.