Need arcade cabs, games, boards, or parts?

It’s been recommended that I make this a separate thread. What follows is basically what I posted in the “get to know. . .” thread:

I know someone who worked for a private individual that owned all of the arcade cabs in the greater DFW area. Their main arcade shut down in 05’ because the mall they were located in didn’t have working air conditioning (this is illegal in Texas). They still have cabs in restaurants, and currently operate a smaller arcade in Arlington. But the majority of their cabs are currently in storage gathering dust.

Julian was looking to buy a few MVS games. And I know that a few of you out there are hardcore about getting the pure arcade experience. If you’re interested in getting game boards, cabs (even slant-eyed sit down style), or some parts (non-American could be a problem but I’ll ask), PM me with a list of what you’re looking for. I figure that a bulk order might get preferential pricing and shipping.

I can get you a price quote, so you’re not obligated to buy anything if you just want to see how much it will cost you. But the owner doesn’t know me, so you might have to pay the money up front before he’ll ship the stuff. Again, the price that you get quoted might only be available if we all put in an order together. So if you’re interested but can’t scrounge up the money for half a year, the availability and price might be change.

Does anyone own a truck? I have a fairly large house. So if we end up ordering 10 cabs (extreme case), I could probably store them for a week or so. But there will need to be a plan for people to get their shit outta here. Worst case scenario, we could chip in and rent a u-haul for the day. If we only order boards and parts, that won’t be an issue.

I should make it clear that these things will all come from a former arcade. So don’t expect brand new cabs and boards. If you just order parts though, they should be brand new. I got all of the parts for my sticks from them, brand new and in sealed bags (for happ 360’s). If only the wiring was done better.

Keep in mind that I know nothing about arcade related matters. So please try to give me explicit details such as the technical names for the cabs, games, boards, or parts that you’re looking for. If you just ask for a “Japanese sit-down cab”, you could end up getting any of the numerous models available. This is also important for things like CPS-2 games where the A board doesn’t do shit unless you also have a B board.

Due to still living at home, space for me is severely limited. Out of curiosity, you know what something like this would cost me shipped?

It is similar to the cabs in Lanwerx. I would not be too picky with what board it came with.


I’ll throw it in the list of things to ask for.

A Decent MVC2 Cab?

A Japanese cab

I’m not picky on the type

Kenny, do you care if it’s sit-down or not? Do you want a standard cab, or something larger like what Zach has MvC2 on? Why did you end your sentence with a question mark? Were you just kidding?

Alex, I thought you already had a cab. But I’ll put it in the things to ask for. Are you looking to do the dual hook-up and beat Julien to the punch?

Too much messing around, not enough sleep. And there’s already light out. Shit.

I would be interested in a japanese sit down cab. I’d like to know the model they have (if they have any)

Are these the ones I think they are? :sad:

I’d likely be interested in another 25" cab. I don’t really have room for another 39". :smile:

Man what’s up with some convex buttons though? For real man.

I have an American cab right now, and I’m always looking to broaden my horizons :china:

What kind of cab do you have? I love AmeriKKKan cabs, but I have never seen yours.

I have no idea what the origin of the cab is, so here’s a picture


I would HELLA buy that off you.

I’ll pull a Price is Right and offer you $1 more for it than Pablo.

Alex/Pablo/Chris, please resolve this before I submit my list of requests.

Zach and Julien, I’ve added your needs to the list.

Deezo, see last paragraph of initial post. I need details. Even for something small like some buttons, I’d at least need to know how many you’re looking for, and whether you need switches with them. Plus, I know how vain you are, so I wouldn’t want to get black ones when you want pink (to match your Psylocke).

I see, in that case, I’d like eight blue (preferably Sky Blue if not then Red) convex buttons that have switches with them. I already know I can find someone who’d be willing to put them in for me. But man! Black buttons?! Don’t tempt me, that sounds hella bomb too actually, Black on Black.

I’ll add those to the list of things to ask for. I used to have black buttons in my smaller stick (the Darkstalkers/Roll art in a Red Octane box), but I wore them out. The black ones just don’t work for very long. Read into that how you will.

I just want a quote. I don’t need a cab, but if it is a good deal I’ll DO IT.

I just want a quote too, hopefully shipping isn’t too much :confused:

Zach, I have a 25" cab with Tekken Tag tournament in it that I have no use for. I bought it for 250, but if I could get 150 for it, that’d be great. Cept, I don’t know how I’d deliver it to anyone.