Need Assistance - Round 1 PS3 TE PCB to TvC Swap


I have a pile of innards from a Round 1 TE stick for PS3 (PCB/Turbo/Guide Section w/ Ribbon Cables & USB Cable, Terminal Strip, Stick Harness, etc.) So I decided to swap all of that into a Mad Catz TvC Stick that I have plus a full Sanwa refresh (JLF & Buttons).

In theory this ***should ***work right?

Well, the PSN Home button works, the stick registers all directions but NONE of the buttons register.

Any ideas?

I thought that if I simply swapped out all the TvC parts in favor of the TE parts I’d have another PS3 stick for guests but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Any help would be much appreciated (hopefully I provided enough details as well).

Pics, pics would help greatly.

if its just a swap then you might of connected the ribbon cable to the pushbuttons incorrectly. check to see if the ribbon cable is rotated. and yes PIC’s would help

You’re going to need to switch the barrier strip.
the TVC barrier strip has its signals and grounds (when compared to the TEs) moved around if I am correct.

I thought he had the terminal strip from the parts list he posted… if you are trying to use the TVC strip that would be the cause since its not the same as a ps3 terminal strip.

Clarification: All of the original Mad Catz TvC parts have been swapped with their TE counterpart(s):

  • PCB w/ attached Wii Cable ***for ***TE PCB w/ attached 15-ft. USB Cable
  • 2 x Ribbon cables ***for ***2 x Ribbon Cables attached to TE PCB
  • 1 x Terminal Strip ***for ***1 x TE Terminal Strip
  • 1 x Joystick Harness ***for ***1 x TE Joystick Harness

Results: Joystick movements register, PSN Home button registers, 8 buttons DO NOTregister.

I’m currently at work but I’m guessing it has something to do with the ribbon cables since everything but the buttons work (Hmm, now that I’m thinking about it the Turbo function didn’t work either last night). I’ll try and take some pics but I’m hoping whispering sweet nothings to the ribbon cables will yield favorable results. :wgrin:

Stay tuned…

actually from what iv’e seen, the TVC stick uses the exact same barrier strip as the PS3, i lol’d when i first modded one to see the barrier strip having square, cross, triangle circle on it


As I was inspecting the ribbon cables they broke off the soldered points on the PCB.



damn… was so close! haha atleast you found it sodering those points isnt too bad.