Need assistance with GGPO please

I wonder if you all could help me help my friend get GGPO working. His OS is Vista. He installed adobe air and GGPO in that order and opened the correct ports following the instructions on the website. I know this for sure because he pointed his webcam at his screen while I talked him through it. I also sent him the proper rom files for KOF 98 and 02’ since that’s what we plan to play. Well, everything was set up and he logged in. If he tries to initiate, accept or spectate a match, nothing happens. No errors no nothing. So I have no idea what’s going wrong. We’ve tried to uninstall both applications and reinstall them. I’ve also directed him to download older versions of adobe air thinking that would fix the problem, but to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestion as to what we should do?

I posted this up in the actual GGPO help forums 4 days ago. It seems like the actual moderators rarely ever check the help area and no other members have responded with useful info. So I’m asking here.


The solution is in the sticky faq at the GGPO forums though it is really vague:

The host file is located in Windows\system32\drivers\etc . Open the hosts file in Notepad and add the line ‘ localhost’ below the previous line and save.

The thread where this solution originated from is found here: