Need assistance with when to block

Hey guys I’m pretty new to playing fighting games seriously, and whenever I watch other people play it seems like they are able to effectively block everything/know exactly when to block. When I play this couldn’t be farther from the truth, I try to block but most of the times I’m too late, so I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on the finer aspects of blocking and when to do it, IE should I always be prepared to tap back when I’m not moving forward or not in a combo?

The best time to block is when you’re about to be hit.

FYI, this doesn’t warrant an entire thread…it would have been better to have posted it in a general discussion type of thread.

The trick with blocking is primarily knowing what attack(s) hit overhead or low. Also, pay attention to your opponent’s playstyle and you’ll have an easier time anticipating what type of attack they will do and when it will occur. Practice.

They attack, you hold back. Its that simple. If you cant block then practice.

When in doubt, block.

when you are about to get hit(whether it’s a high/low/cross over) block.