Need auto-fire?



Personnally i never use auto-fire playing ssf4… I dont see why we have it on joysticks… :-/

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It is dumb for fighting games but makes more sense for shooting games (think Galaga). The official explanation I’ve heard is that it’s cheap to include from a cost standpoint.


Yeah i see… I really dont need a madcatz te to play some shooter game ^^! By the way i am sure if they remove it the price of joystick could be lower… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I definitely missed autofire when I played Metal Slug 3 at the arcade, last weekend. The button springs were pretty stiff, and killing the legions of monters with the pistol was pretty annoying. And if you have a pad or joystick, we suppose you would use it for (almost) everything, not just fighting games. That said, the turbo speed on my TE is pretty low (4 Hz at low and 8 Hz at high), so it would probably not benefit from it anyway.


Well you’re supposed to play good enough to never have to use the pistol anyway, so it’s your punishment for being bad.


Its there just to provide a reason to justify the cost of joysticks to people who don’t exactly know the price of parts or why joysticks cost so much.


For myself i never use them, as i need the same feeling in arcade… And arcade do not have auto fire… :wink:

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I’ve used it with buttons taped down to macro the zombie minigame in Scott Pilgrim. I ought to try that again…


blazing star is far more playable with autofire.


lol! Most likely. It was the second time I played it. I couldn’t even make it to the first boss, the first time. Then I died at the ETs the next one. Shit is 4 times harder than the first 3 games.


They’re primarily used for schmups and shooters, so that you don’t have to keep pressing a button to fire your weapon. And in schmups, you’re ALWAYS firing your weapon. It leaves your other hand to just worry about when to time a bomb, jump, or grenade.

From a business standpoint, why would you want the price to be lower? It’s a cheap feature you add (basic programming and electronics added on the cheap), and it’s just another feature on your joystick that can reach a wider audience. It’s a business after while, they’re trying to make money.

I agree. But by that logic, we should also ban the uses of macros in fighting games as well. But alas, we can’t do that, since we have to cater to controller users and a new generation of spoiled gamers who want things done easy.