Need av of chibi iori or cvs 2 team

Please…need soemthing good using this pic or soemthing better. With the name of either O.Seven or Orochi Seven…not 7

Or a cvs 2 team of K Rock, Cammy, Blanka With Rock In the Middle… Please will be very grateful And will give Credit .



hrm depressin

ouch indeed, my friend.

whatever, i hope you aint talkin bout that 7 comment. If so i dint mean it like that. Just prefer not you use the number 7 when refering to my name. Cause thats who i am Seven.

wow man
didn’t gumz make u that av you got on like yesterday or something?

Yea, dont mean ima change it right away. I guess im just a little hurt about the name mess up. But yea, i give him props for doin that. Plus i wanted like it better as a sig…to bad i cant change to one. :sweat:

But still id like a to have an av of chibi iori really bad. Dont ask why, just been a fan of him for years. lol

You’re hurt that he made you something for free?

Im not hurt…i was just talkin bout tha 7 part. Calm down people im done. Its no why im changing it anyway since i waited paitently to get it. Can we just move on. :sad:

:bluu: In 2 weeks… dood.

I think i can live that long…