Need av plz any help would be good

i was looking for a av for mvc2 with team matrix cyclops,storm,sent,any help would be great thx

if you could provide a few links then I could help

oh thx i dont want to be picky i was thinkig of some the like this
here are some picks
thx i would greatley apreciate it

oh, if you want a gif, I cant really help you there, I am not to good at those. but you could always ask vegget0. he does a well job at it

naw man its ok i just want a matrix one dosent matter i anit that picky

how about this

yeah man everythings perfect but i found a better cyclops can you put this one in the middle and thats everything else is coo


sure, I will do as soon as I can

thx man apreciate it i use this one for mean while