Need Av

Need an Avatar with either K9999 or Tetsuo from Akira. My av is a bit plain now would like something cool. Thanks for your help :woot:
Need it in premium size almost forgot

^ hey Tetsuosan try to provide a source, it will make it much easier for the person fulfilling the job :wgrin:

Here’s a quick one: [list]Tetsuosan9999:

[/list]:wonder: If you like it, it’s yours… dood!

Holy shit that is freakin awesome yea dood. omg I bow to u sir I can’t put it on now cause I’m posting on my phone thanks a lot dood

:wonder: Anytime

… anytime… dood!

whoa dood that is impressive. :tup:

Damn. That’s impressive. You think you can make me a Kyo one like that? Non-prem?