Need avatar....ppplllzzz

I was wondering if i could get an avatar with ryu, ken, and chunli on it. And have anarchy on it somehwere. If anybody could, thanks.

i’ll do it:)

thanks, :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley:

let me know if you dont like it or if you want something changed, i’ll be glad to redo it:

is that the halo font???


thats tight, where can i download the ahlo font

maybe the back ground could be diiferent, makes the heads look funny. so do you like the av

i see your doing av’s now huh seth?..

i like it all except the background, not to be a complainer

i’ll give it a try if you dont mind…but it MIGHT not be better than seths…

how’s this:

yeah, thats bad ass. What program are you using to make them

adobe image ready