Need Blanka (high level) sparring partner

I play M. Bison/Ken/Fei Long.

I have for the life of me, the toughest time facing Blanka. I can usually win if I put all of my focus and energies into winning, but even against some lame, n00b Blankas i have it tough and end up winning by just a sliver of life.

I’m just not understanding the matchup well, even if i do know how to block the ultra…it’s everything else that I seem to have issues with. I can’t seem to put enough pressure because of electricity and as a result, i’m baiting out rolls and trying to punish, but having a hard time finding the right timing for that.

Anyone on XBL who wants to help me get better at Blanka and needs a tough Ken, or M. Bison partner to practice with, hit me up and add me to friendslist.

My tag is Kyroc 4 Ever on XBL.


I put your information over in the Blanka Online Player Directory (handles both Blanka players and those soliciting for Blankas to play against). :slight_smile: Post up in there if you want to add more info.