Need char specific help on team scrub


I’m looking to better my game with team scrub, Cable B Sent A CapCom B. As of right now my wins come out of people with really bad teams like wolverine megaman and HP spam CyC where they don’t even use their assist or people who play this game like its SF4.

I’ll try and break it down into Character specifics that I have problems with.

I can pull off Cable’s Tiger Knee’d HVB maybe 30% of the time in practice mode and probably 5% in a real game from a snap back guard break. Whats a good setup for a TK HVBx2-3? I tried CapCom B assist but they always recover. Any feedback would be great on this. Mainly with combos from just Cable alone or Combos within this team.

With Sent a lot of my problems come from activating the wrong Super, I often mean to use HSF after a Cable AAA or CapCom AAA but wind up using his D,DF,F -> PP super. Maybe I’m mistaken here, should I be using HSF after Cable AAA and the other (D,DF,F -> PP) after a CapCom AAA? I’ve been working with unblockable HP and often sometimes find myself abusing Rocket Punch LP -> Rocket Punch HP -> AAA(cable if they come in too slow and CapCom if they come in fast). Also I’ve been using the HK(hold after CapCom B Covers) then HP or rocketpunch/AAA. Against the players I’ve been fighting FF works. Unfly I’ve been having trouble with since I don’t know what a “knockdown” move is. Some quick examples would be nice. Should I be using D,DF,F -> PP? Can it be cancelled or even used from an assist or a setup?

With CapCom (Captain Commando) I have a better understanding of his combos thanks to shin-ryu-long and no longer feel like hes JUST a support character,
However I have problems getting the first hit as CapCom before I can land the combos. In training mode on auto they go perfectly with no problems in landing the execution. However as we all know hitting a dummy and hitting a person are two totally different things. What winds up happening for me is after a long line of blocks the person will jump in and attack, I’ll use Jennete, and follow up with an air combo. Or the person will play IM and I’ll just LP CapFire his Photon Cannon. On top of this I don’t know how to wave dash or what a wave dash is, an explantion and directions would be extremely useful.

This is my first thread post on SRK, though I’ve lurked around for a while reading the posts on SF4, Blazblue, and MvC2 and I hope not to come off as too noobish :sweat:


you shouldnt be relying on an anti-air assist to setup into an HSF ever. unless its ironman because you have all the time in the world after he get hit confirmation to use the super.


Thanks a bunch, I’ll definetly take that into consideration, any help is useful.


You should never really use Sen’ts QCF PP since HSF combos off of rocket punch anyway and you can continue after it’s done. So pretty much, use HSF to combo off of rocket punch.

Cable’s AHVB combos off his But usually you should just use to punish whiffs or assists. There aren’t really “setups” per se to land them besides snapback guardbreak; you should land them off reaction. You could try to look to guard break the point character too.

A knockdown move is an attack that makes the opponent land on their back on the floor. Example psylocke AA assist or HSF.

Wave dash is very quick dashing - dash, crouch, dash repeat.


To wavedash, press both punches, then tap down on the stick or d-pad, then quickly press both punches, etc. The crouching animation will cancel the recovery on the dash animation but your next dash will, in turn, cancel the crouch animation.

Standing hard kick is probably the most common setup for an AHVB. A common combo is jumping hard kick, standing light kick, standing medium kick, standing hard kick xx AHVB. If you are locking someone down from across the screen with Sentinel’s projectile assist and shooting Cable’s hard punch bullets, you can AHVB after you get hit confirmation off a bullet by quickly doing a jab Psimitar xx AHVB. Don’t know if that motion will be easier for you because you have to do a dragon punch motion and very quickly follow it with a hadoken motion, but give it a try.


Since you’re using Sentinel’s A assist I would suggest a fairly easy setup.

You dash in with cable, call sentinel, normal jump back and try to catch them after they get knocked up a bit from sentinels punch with a FP shot, and then AHVB. The timing is kinda hard at first, but the damage is well worth it, and you can do it from almost anywhere on the screen, provided they’re on the ground.

You can also cancel an AHVB from a lp scimitar, which you can cancel from standing fierces on the ground. This is pretty useful for catching people trying to do something and staying relatively safe since you can cover cables ass with an assist and/or lp scimitar out of his ground shots to stay safeish. You can also combo this from a rocket punch.


Hey I hoped some of this helped.