Need chinese characters cleaned up

Can someone make this bigger and keep it clean? I need to have it maintain it’s calligraphy look, but need it to have clean lines when its size is increased to about 3" across. I plan to get this tattooed on my chest and I would be very grateful if someone could get this cleaned up for me :lovin:

It’s a .gif so if it’s opened in a new window, it’s easier to see.

whats that say?


I could resize the image but how much bigger? half the page? 2 times it’s regular size?

You’re awesome! I think 300%? Basically, I need it to be about 3" across without much pixelation when it’s printed out.

Someone could just vector that image and it’d be clear as bottled water.

Should no one do it, I may do it. ETA: Later on tonight.

Thank you! :lovin:

I wish I wasn’t so ignorant in the image manipulation area ^_^;

That’s exactly what I was thinking Sas… I guess I’ll take a stab at it…

Yeah, I suppose the bigger the better, right? I mean it can always be easily made smaller without digitizing, but not so much with making bigger.

Thanks again so much, guys <3

ta da

i did it kinda quick. sorry if its a little sloppy.:sweat:

i have the AI file, too. shoot me a PM with your email or something and ill send it to you.

Good shit Blooper, yours turned out a lot better than mine but then again this is my first attempt at vectoring :lol:

lol. your shot looks like a cartoon font or something. pretty cool tho. haha.

And all has been done. Good looks, peeps.

Very awesome guys. Thank you! <3

dont take this the wrong way…

but i bet some of us would like to see that tat when its done.:sweat:

Thursday night or Friday morning then.

Here you go:

wtf. how is it glowing in the dark?


…or UV ink ^_~

Nice :]