Need Circuit Diagram for MAS sticks

My Mas Sticks have stopped working and My roomate is an electrical engineer. he says he’ll fix them if I get him the circuit diagram. Mas systems hasn’t returned my email, does anybody on here know where I could find the info I need?

MAS has several different PCBs that they use. Post pictures of the interior if you want help.

hack a psx pcb instead

Sorry didn’t realize I don’t know if this picture post will work, but here goes
edit: didn’t work, does this link work for you guys?

there is a link to the direct picture.

i would recommend getting a psx pcb like mr godlike aka albert_c suggested

Well, it’s Dreamcast and ps2 (probably 1) compatible normally, you recommend I just grab a generic psone controller and let him use that? I dunno if that will be easier or what, I just figured SRK would have a circuit diagram somewhere

ya, just look up the “pad hacking” thread

lots of useful info there.

if you’d like some prehacked controllers, I can sell you a pair.

Define prehacked, no seriously

if you call mas they will respond. they havent EVER responded to anything when it comes to email.

also i would recommend having somebody hack you some controllers. Hozie, yoooooon or me can do it.

You’ve not said which stick you have; the xbox360 versionuses a hacked 360 pad, most of the recent PSX only one have a single chip and no board, and the older multisystem ones are so simple that a schematic isn’t needed. There is a single microcontroller for each system supported (an SX28, and no we dont have the source code or .hex file). Each button direction is connected to a single pin on the microcontroller in a common ground setup. That’s it. If its repairable, your boy doesn’t need a schematic.

Ok I have 2 mas arcade sticks that both have a playstation and dreamcast output. They have an adapter to change the playstation plug to an xbox plug, but that is detatchable. Outside of that, I really don’t have any more information on the sticks, If anyone wants a picture from a different angle or something I’ll supply it, I just assume with the stick community we have on here somebody might have a circuit diagram. I don’t know what you guys are reffering to with hacked controllers. The stick doesn’t need any parts or anything we arent trying to make it work on a new systm, we are just trying to get them running normally again as the chords have been munched and yanked a little. The sticks sometimes do work if you jiggle the chords just right

Then you’re just replacing the cords, no big deal and no circuit diagram needed. He should be able to pin the cords with a multimeter, do the same with your replacement cords, desolder, solder, done.

If theres a wire inside the cable thats broken before the plug, trim the insulation off of the cord nearer the plug and pinout those. You should see the color of each wire where its soldered to the board.

Thanks for the help guys. I will surely show my roomate these posts this weekend. Although maybe I should mention that I have already had one guy try his luck, he was confident it wasn’t to much work, he stuck a new chord on , but it still wouldn’t work, he wasn’t sure what was wrong, is it possible that there is something else going on? It definitly occasionally works with a wiggling of the chord (previous to the new chord being attatched, but still on the other stick with original chord), so I figured it was broken wires in the chord, but who knows. More than likely my first joystick fixer just botched it somehow. I’ll repost after my engineer tries his luck again