Need combos, B&B's, etc

I use K-Balrog, what are some good bread and butters? And any good combos into Gigaton Blow? Any other tips?

I would like to know this also

I use a lot of Balrog at my island tournaments and from what i see Balrog is meant mostly to be a turtle while I have seen other players use him as a rushdown character he is most effective as a turtle therefore here are some easy combos to use for Balrog…

(charge <-)c. jab,c. jab, short, medium,(uncharge) fierce *…

from here in my a groove i usually go

b, f, roundhouse, b , f , roundhouse, rinse repeat… blabla blugen…

c.lp x3, headbutt. That’s his basic b&b.

umm…that doesn’t work

Shit guys, I just watched a vid of Balrog. How much does having roll help him? Cause his roll seams really good/fast. The thing is, I dont want to lose his Gigaton Blow, so would C or N groove be good? Or should I stick to K?

edit: Gigaton Blow setups/combos please.