Need commited SSf4 training partners


I’m looking for players of any level to play and level up together so we can help each other improve on fundamentals and match-up knowledge . Most friends I play get either too salty or too bored fast, My GT is HUNTA23. I also use a variety of chars if that helps lol


Add me>EOGrico


Ok cool


Add me on xbox man

Gamertag: Clearzova4950

I don’t get to play everyday, but I’m definitely in need of a training partner as well!


cool thanks dude


Add me on 360. DMAN3431


im on most nights at around 9pm PST so add me and we can run some sets.

or headover to SALTYRUNBACK.COM for a forum full of friendly fighters always up to run sets and spar.


add me GT:UltraBlake


Anybody Add me on 360 gt: buddhist x
Im nothing special now but im trying to improve quick so im down for long sets and can be on whenever


I’m on often at night eastern time. Add me : FOXD1E187 I’m down for long training sessions and I’m not half bad ;)… Goes for everyone on this thread actually, go ahead and add me.


add me on XBL: kaptivated

I’m pretty trash, but making a run at getting good.


XBL: AdamLegend12

I’m a combo freak… but otherwise i suck at not dying lol


Anybody playing Ultra add me I’m on every night. Need committed partner as well. XBL> EOGrico. Main Oni (low 200s rank. I play shotos and a few other characters.


I also need a committed training partner on xbox 360. Gamertag AmazingXMAN


If anyone is still on Arcade Edition I could use the practice to improve my game.


I’m game, I’m trying to be committed to improving and playing as much as possible. Been a fan of FGC for a long time and finally committing to becoming a part of it. Hit me up anytime, I want to improve as much as possible. Gamertag: ZanyFiddler


I would gladly like to learn more. Add me KnightRider909


i can help u add mee KougatTea54514.


I know this thread is old but anyone looking to train can add me. GT = Bryan Dubz