NEED competent player for slash team!

Me and japan3gro are stuck. out 3rd player just found out he cant go to evo. we need a 3rd player that is competent and can actually play. im using ky and japan3gro is pretty much using faust. so definitely looking for a good player to fill the 3rd spot. if anyone interested, lemme know please

you know u want me and my scrubby anji or hos

sorry but the title of the thread made me :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

i use venom and solbadguy…

fuxors. Wish I still played GG enough to compete. I don’t know jack about Slash. If it was X or XX, that would be a different story. lol.

That’s a hot AV. Oh and Shibuya…the hell you doin in here. You on my team! :lol:

i didnt say i was joinin him just told him who i play wit lol


Yeah, I’m figuring to get a little bit of practice in before the tournament. I’ll give you a call on my cell Thursday night to let you know what’s going on. I’m guessing we’ll have to take a bus or shuttle of some sort to get to the Hooters Hotel (unless it’s within walking distance of the hotel).

My team just told me that they can’t go, so I’m available now. Still need a 3rd?

KLT: well right now, our 3rd might be able to still make it, but its pretty slim. I should find out tomorrow. and il lgive heads up

Cool. Just let me know what’s up.

Ouch, sorry Sabre, I would be glad to be one your team but I qualified at Evo West. Some people tell me “must be nice”. I say, “Yeah… yeah it is”. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

oh you qualified? i didnt know you played slash? thats dope bro!

KLT: who were your teammates? was it with some of the NE guys? anyway, check your pm