Need contact lenses asap please!


ok so i posted in the GD forum but i figured it would be quicker to do it here.
seeking :

acuvue oasys
8.4 base curve
14 diameter

if you hold this prescription and can order this for me i would greatly appreciate it and will pay you a nice tip. if no one has this certain prescription i will settle for -2.00 or -2.50. like i said, will pay for the lenses and will also include a nice tip paid via paypal upon receipt. either post up or PM and i reply asap. thank you srk.


p.s. mods please dont delete for a few days. i know this is the wrong forum but im really strapped for time atm and hopefully a local can help me out.


sick, found a homie with this, close thread pls. thanks again guys.


Hey watson you’re (the) shit

no mames guey!


Watson, I’ll trade some contacts for some of your Magnum condoms.



Slight adjustment for accuracy.


hahahahahahah GS sanchez