Need creative help on steam punk arcade stick


My current SE stick with replaced buttons is great and all, but I’ve been thinking about getting a new one and dual modding it to work with PS2/3 and wii/GCN. But since i’m going to do this I might as well make it look awesome as possible.

Obviously it would have a wooden casing, but I can’t decide on the buttons, or if it will have art on the front. And what of the stick itself? I’ve never seen brown or any other type of buttons/ball top. Any suggestions? I’ve searched around for a steam punk arcade stick and have come up blank.

Anyone have any ideas on how it should look, or what else it could have? Maybe little nob looking things for the start buttons and lock buttons.

On a more actual tech discussion, I’m going to assume I’m going to need multiple PCBs for the wii/360/PS2/3 cables, right? But how would I switch, would it automatically find the controller, or would I need to make a manual switch for that? Also, since I already have a 360 MC SE, I could just use that PCB, correct?

Thank you all in advance.


You can dye the buttons. Or failing that paint them with very light coats of spray and put a good clear coat on, just expect it to wear over time.

Great idea, I might have to borrow it for my next custom. IMO a window area for the internals is essential, either tinted sepia ORRR better still a fake window that shows what the internals would look like if they were steampunk. Like gears and belts and stuff.

I do a little wet-sanding on consoles and things in my spare time, I might try up a set of Sanwas painted with a wood grain texture paintjob. Then smooth it down and seal it. Rusted metal ring with wood button would be sly methinks.


I’m wondering, would the “window” be on the bottom? Or maybe even smack dab in the middle. Or hovering over the buttons. Sounds like a great idea, was thinking about it but thought “Eh, the cords will ruin the experience”, but if I’m already going all out, might as well put in the extra mile.

I’m thinking, I can some of the wires look like they’re incased in copper tubing. But other then that I’m drawing a blank.

I just figured out I’ll be getting about 100$ back in taxes, so IMO this would be a great thing for it to go to. For buttons, I’m quite partial to seimitsu over sanwa, would it be possible to pain the sides, keep the top clear (or atleast semi clear) so as to put a design in those as well? Also just got the idea for, on the placement where my hands go I could bolt down leather, for both the extra look and comfort.

My last problem is the ball top. I saw someone awhile back had something that looked semi-steampunk in their ball top in that it wasn’t a boll at all, it was sort of like a bat top but not on a bat top stick, difficult to describe. I could do that, or simply paint a ball top copper colored. I think it depends on how much money I have left over/how ridiculous it already looks.


You might try this site -

Says he does wood ball tops and dust covers.


I’ve been thinking doing something like this for awhile. I wish you luck sir! Keep us posted with pics and stuff. I’ve always though it would be pretty bad ass to have brass claw feet on the bottom, like an old bathtub or something.


If you use the MC Cthulhu board and a 360 pad hack, you can use a DPDT toggle switch to control which board is functioning. That gives you some creative headroom for what kind of switch you want to use. You could make that look seriously awesome by itself.

If you want gears and things, I suggest hitting your local antique shop for some old odds and ends. Also, you might try getting some old brass or copper pipes and weaving them in and out of the case sides. You could design them to double as handles or something to wrap your cord around.

The last thing I thing might be cool is a well wrapped cord. Maybe cloth wrapped with a cool pattern. I think that would be a nice touch.

I’m really looking forward to see what you do in the end. I love steampunk electronics.


Have the window show some fake steampunk internals, like some gears and cogs. Also, you can use clear Seimitsu buttons and add a steampunk looking design, like etched copper(and then paint/dye the rims). Also, lots of victorian metal details and is possible, leather for the wrist rest.

For inspiraton, you can check out this steampunked HP laptop.


Here’s a steampunk MAME machine


Yeah, saw that MAME machine, reminded me of Bioshock. Though I did like that laptop, thats where I got the idea of putting leather where my hands would go. And yeah, I’m thinking like frankenstein’s lab kind of stuff going on for toggling back and forth between controllers. I could make it simple with one button, but why?

Gonna try and get some sketches of what I want the balltop to be like. As for the lay out, going for the one that came with the madcatz, it’s my preffered. Is there anything else that could possibly need a switch? I’m tempted to keep the turbo button, if only to have a toggle switch for it.

And I live in texas, so antique shops are a 50/50 chance of finding some high quality 20-ish stuff, or getting just plantation owner equipment. Could go either way.

Since I already have clear seimitsu, I got the idea of putting cogs in them, and either painting them or leaving them as is. Looking at it now, it would be waaaay to cheesy, and throw off the look I’m going for.

Also just thought of something that could be both cool and an annoyance, but add to the feel. It’s a key that could act as a switch between each consoles. Now, if I lose the key, I’m screwed. But I could just make it out of a screwdriver flat head or something. An idea to play around with. Maybe add a compartment for the key to go in. I wanna get a clear idea of what I’m going to do before I buy this, so sorry if this project isn’t completed for awhile. Though I do want it to be done before Evo, also need to keep in mind Evo itself costs money, so we’ll see how this works out.


This was cool.