Need current Sakura BnBs

the combos thread is aight but i just need the best of the best, someone help a blossoming sak char stick with her, i dont wanna switch to ryu/yun… please…

BNBS !!!

For a punish combo, it’s st.hp xx tatsu > cr.hp xx ex tatsu/DP, (For some characters, you can add on xx ex tatsu after cr.hp xx tatsu, only if they are standing though, ex tatsu tends to whiff on crouch) > cr.lp > cr.hp xx ex tatsu/DP > cr.lp > xx ex tatsu/DP

For certain moves like Fei Long’s rekka, Rog’s dash punches, use st.lp > xx DP

After ex tatsu, you can go for otoshi x 2, (if in corner, backdash on landing and do lvl 3 fireball, then you can crossup with or fake crossup with or just empty jump into or throw, anything basically)

If midscreen, do the fireball directly after you land.

Oh just a little reminder, post this kinda stuff in the Q&A thread :slight_smile:

Sf4 also has a training mode. Find combos in combo thread, try them in training, and see what is the “best of the best” in your opinion. No need for a new thread asking one of the most common questions asked here on srk.

you sure?