Need custom artwork for new stick

I need some custom stick artwork. Would like something with CPS-1 or CPS-2 Ken. Something unique, of course. Willing to pay for services (not too much, but enough to make it worth your while). PM me if you’ve got skillz. I would like to see work, and we can talk price. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I like Jamma Harness Ryu.

Ummm, CPS-1 = original SF2 series character artwork, CPS-2 = Super SF2 series character artwork…didn’t think I would have to dedicate a whole second post just to explanation of this…

Not everyone knows about cps terms you fucking cocksucker.
I hope nobody makes you shit…actually, I hope you pay them in advance so they can send you a picture of shit.

Isn’t this, you weasel fuck? Didn’t the term shoryuken originate from CPS-1? If you don’t know what the fuck you or I am talking about, then why the fuck would you even respond to my thread? Oh yeah…forgot people on here have absolutely nothing better to do…

Sweet community, fellas. :tup:

Wouldn’t it have been easier to have just posted what version you wanted by the game title? I think a glance at any thread or sprite pages would show you that rarely if ever are the characters referred to by their CPS version. More often than not, it’s Alpha Ryu Sprites, CvS2 Ryu Sprites, etc. CPS2 encompases a variety as it is, right? The original Ken Sprites from something old are different from Alpha, etc.

Obviously, DarkDragon knew what you were talking about and so did I but that doesn’t mean everyone else will. Posting snide remarks and insults is a great way to annoy or drive away people that would otherwise probably hook you up with what you’re looking for.

Complaining about being called out on your mistake for not researching what people usually refer to the sprites as is really your fault in the end. I’m sure if you were a little more specific and a lot less sensitive, there’s a chance people would want to help you out.

I knew what you meant, but I was confused as to whether or not you wanted a sprite(stupid request) or to what game art you wanted.

Need template as well.

Sweet community indeed you waste of sperm.
Read your 2nd post a few more times. Eventually you will realize your rude ass had it coming. I can’t believe I had to waste a whole post to point THAT out.

Thank you for your level-headedness, goleafsgoaz and Tat guy. I understand what you are saying, and apologize for my naivete and outburst. Had this been clarified originally (not even to the extent it was, just a simple “Can you specify what versions you’re talking about?”), I would not have responded the way I did…again, my fault for doing so. I see your point about CPS-2 also encompassing Alpha series, Puzzle Figther series, etc. My bad.

I am offering to compensate for time and energies, so as to have some one-on-one dialog with somebody who knows what they’re doing and could even make some suggestions as to what would provide the best results. The stick and buttons will be Japanese layout. Character art would preferably include original SF2 series or SSF2 series version of Ken. I will work on getting a template. If anyone is interested, please PM me.

Just give me the size, and I’ll do it now.

I don’t care about being paid.


Very kind of you, Tat guy. I would still insist on offering something for your time and effort. I am in the process of getting dimensions, and will provide them. Thank you!

Tat guy,

Dimension are those of standard “A4” paper:

20cm x 29cm (H x W)


7.87 in. x 11.4 in. (for us oddball Americans)

I would also like “GHL” worked into it somehow, for identification purposes.

Let me know what other information I can offer. Feel free to PM me to talk further, as well. And, of course, when stick is all done I will post pics and give props. :slight_smile: Thank you again for your help!

First thing I got.

That’s sweet, man!!! Sorry I didn’t mention it (feel like a jerk), but buttons and ball top are gonna be blue.

Wicked dope, man!!! Shoot me a PM with your Paypal e-mail address, and I’ll send you a little something. Thanks again!!!

damn that looks hella better blue :tup: good work tat

Pretty sweet work, although I like 3S ken a lot more.