Need detailed instructions on a Vewlix clone cab(for 24" monitors)

Hey guys, I’m opening a Manga Cafe in Toronto and a big part of it will be the gaming room and thought that I should throw 8 slim Vewlix clone cabs in as part as renovations to my carpenter/mill work/reno team. Problem is, I saw some online but I guess there’s a step or a photo missing and they’re coming back to me quoting a much higher build cost than expected. So one last attempt, anyone here have detailed plans on a cab? I would expect ericleroi’s clone Vewlix would be enough but I’m getting a response of “not entirely sure what this is” and I’m doubting if it’s because they just took a quick look of it wasn’t in depth enough for them.

I would most likely be using BenQ RL2460HT monitors so hopefully 24" monitor is close enough.

i made this recently. it might help get you started. [](Simplified Vewlix Cabinet Build & Worklog

Looks good! Yeah I’m not sure if my contractors just lack imagination to fill in the blanks but this and the original one should be enough to give them a better idea of the project at hand. Funny thing is that our designer was more specific to me asking about the max width of the mdf material cut at and etc. Thanks for the hook up!

no prob man. good luck.