Need drill bit advice


I always hang around tech talk to see what exciting things people have come up with, and often times I try to assist my fellow board members with intricate questions. This time, however, it is I who need some advice!

I am working on a custom stick of my own that will be a little bit different from the wooden ones that we see so much of these days. As my Sanwa parts should be here mid next week, I am closing in on the time to start drilling out my panel! I need to find out what you experts would recommend for the following:1. Which bits to use for drilling out the holes in quarter inch thick aluminum (research has shown me I should also get some lubricant, and that I should drill with smaller bits incrementally up to the full size.)

  1. What technique is used to cut out small to medium square/rectangle holes

  2. What technique is used to cut out small to medium square/rectangle depressions

As you might have guessed, I hadn’t done any drilling with metal before! I’ll be using a hand held drill for this project, if that helps. I searched the forums but all the drill bit conversations are based on woodworking. If I was blind in my search, feel free to call me out on it. Thanks in advance!


if you want to drill the holes, you can use a metal cutting whole saw. i did this thru an aluminum case a while back and it worked fine. you may need some oil, i didnt. what i found easiest was to just use a center punch and hit it with hammer a few times in the center of the hole so the bit on the saw doesnt jump around initially.

to cut rectangles, you can put a hole on each corner with a drill then use a jig-saw or reciprocating saw to cut out the square.

to make depressions, you’d need to use a router.


Pretty much what I had assumed. Just trying to figure out a way without buying too much more equipment! Thanks for the heads up on the hole saw though =]


np. glad to help.