Need Dudley specific input to chart character stats

Just looking for input on this in general, and for each character specifically.

As stated I’d like to keep discussion for each character in the separate threads I am making in their respective sub forums, and input on the idea in general in the above thread.

Also as stated, despite discussion in this thread being open to anyone it would help me separate the wheat from the chaff if each forum could appoint someone who knows what the hell they are talking about to give me the numbers to plug into my spread sheet.

My garbage numbers for Dudley:

Endurance - 4
Reversal ---- 2
AA ------------ 4
Zoning ------- 1
Rush --------- 3.5
Mix up -------- 3
Dmg pot ----- 4.5
Viability ------- 1

Endurance - 4
Reversal ---- 2
AA ------------ 3.5
Zoning ------- 1
Rush --------- 3.5
Mix up -------- 3
Dmg pot ----- 4.5
Viability ------- 1

Other than the Viability and the Endurance these are little more than place holder numbers. Input greatly appreciated.

The end result of all of this will be a spreadsheet with pull down menus to compare up to three characters like so:

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Wait for Darkyellow

Endurance - 4 - in the upper end of the health bracket
Reversal ---- 1
AA ------------ 5 - lots of good AA options to choose from, can lead to pain
Zoning ------- 2 - awful normals but a few really good ones
Rush --------- 2 - awful normals make it hard to get in
Mix up -------- 2.5 - Only works in the corner, high/lows lose easy to backdash and FA backdash midscreen, this game is dominated by crossups and OS and Dudley doesn’t have a crossup, frame traps are good and potentially dangerous but can’t get in
Dmg pot ----- 5 - The potential for pain is ridiculous, high comeback potential because of it
Viability ------- 1

Ultra 1/2 doesn’t really matter, matter of preference, both are good and interchangeable for the most part

you lost me at “Just”

You lost me at the lack of capitalization and punctuation.

Lol at this thread, since when did this board become an English class? And the rocket science chart, really? Next we are going to need college degrees to play.

You didn’t use perfect punctuation or grammar, so don’t get elitist.

Mr. X, thank you for the input. I’d like to hear from Dark Yellow.

Liquid, I reread your comment and I’m no longer sure that you were really nay saying as I initially thought. If not, my apologies. If you were I’m slightly disappointed as I recall from my time on the Dudley forums last year that you are a rather good player, and I’d like your input.

You other two feel free to troll elsewhere. I was responding to what I took to be a knock against a project that I hope will be of help to beginning players, of course I’m going to take a shot at the person doing it. In this case the lack of punctuation and the like was the obvious target.

Shonuff, that chart is away to simplify a large pool of data in a form that allows for easy comparison between multiple characters. If you find it difficult I shudder to think how simple you are. Unless you have a developmental disorder. If so, mea culpa.

Matt_, I do not. But I do use a level sufficient that my thoughts are coherent and easily understood. The universe is more than black and white, two positional logic. Sentence fragments that lack punctuation and capitalization are fine for personal communication with people that you know but in a medium that is almost entirely via text used to convey complex ideas to strangers it proves inadequate.

Feel free to contribute but if all you have to add is trolling bullshit PM me. Or just fuck off.

I say wait for tut. I actually really like charts like these since they look cool, so here we go.

Endurance - 4.5 Pretty sure he has the second highest health and stun in the game aside from the grappler fatties

Reversal - 1 Dudley has 1 full invincible reversal and that reversal is terrible. Characters have non EX DP’s with the same invinciblity and it has crap range. You also need 3 bars to make it relatively safe.

Zoning - 2 He is terrible from most of the screen; however, he can be surprisingly good at a certain range (st. fierce range)

AA - 4 It would be 5 if he had a normal that acted as AA that also shrunk his hitbox like Juri crouch strong. Trade DP is strong, can full crouch EX DP which is very strong, has a very good anti-air normal in st. forward that sets up a reset into potential mix-up.

Rush - 2.5 Hard to get in, but he can get in against most fireball chars with a little work. Staying in is also rather hard

Mix-up - 2 Has far and away the best overhead in the game and a good low move and gets good damage from oki, but this game’s mix-up is all about making people block left and right as opposed to high-low. Opponents don’t have to respect his oki until they are in the corner due to FA Backdash and Backdash on wake-up. Anyone in their right mind is going to pick these two options and deal with the 90-160 damage Dudley gets from guessing right as opposed to going high-low and potentially eating 300+ no matter what.

Dmg Pot - 5 Not much to say about this. Dude hits like a truck and can kill every character in 3 combos while stunning them with 2.

Viability - 1.5 Not good in this game due to game engine. You should play that game with a III in it if you want to use him; however, he is still not the absolute bottom of characters. Also, he is insanely fun to play as despite all of the short comings

Endurance - 4
Reversal ---- 1.5 dudley’s EX reversal (jet upper) has no horizontal range whatsoever and it also gets beaten by more than half of the casts regular non EX reversals. i shed tears when fei long’s regular reversal chicken wing beat dudley’s ex jet upper on wake up.
AA ------------ 4
Zoning ------- 2
Rush --------- 2
Mix up -------- 2
Dmg pot ----- 4 not quite sure why most people would rate it above 4, i mean sure dudley does some retarded damage/stun in punish combos. but in general he has to hit confirm like every other casts and that’s not easy to do when he can’t dictate the flow of the match like say… c.viper. dudley has to react to everything and condition the opponent in order to dish out that damage he wants and that’s really risky because he literally has to be in their face. when c.viper gets her offense going either in long-mid-close range she can apply the same constant/reliable/ambiguous as fuck pressure that people actually have to block and the damage she gets off of some simple SAFE blockstrings like xx thunder whatever is ridiculous unlike dudley where you can just… you know the rest.
Viability ------- 1.5 pls daigo.

Endurance - 4 definitely. as others have said, his health is up there.
Reversal ---- 2 3 bars for a safe wake up? throw on an extra point cause wake up ultra is really funny.
AA ------------ 4.5 maaaan just push any button and it anti-airs. dud got them british skies on lock.
Zoning ------- 2.5 he can do it almost as well as fei.
Rush --------- 4 it’s what he does man. just with some finesse.
Mix up -------- 4 darkyellow just doesn’t know. his mix up is actually really scary when you know the more intimate details of it. but still, no reliable cross up (he has one but it’s no bueno) midscreen has to dock a point.
Dmg pot ----- 5. dud is all about that big burst of damage. 2 combos stun and a reset K.Os. idk any other character that can do that except maybe gouken.
Viability ------- 3.5-4.5 the potential is there but the chars on top really overshadow him. not having any herp/derp abuseable stuff hurts his overall usefulness at high level.

Dark, did you forget about EX Duck Upper?

You need to explain that because basically everyone on the planet thinks otherwise. How do you get people to sit back and block if they are not in the corner? Anyone worth anything is not going to do this because it’s much smarter to either backdash and eat the 90-130 damage from them option selecting or sticking out step-straight or focus backdash to stop the option select and either eat 90-160 damage of a quick low move canceled into jab mgb, ducking upper, or throw. As opposed to trying to guess high and low, I should definitely guess these be cause I eat much less damage every time until I am in the corner or until Dudley has Ultra stocked.

@Mr. X

You talking about EX Duck Upper for AA? Nah, I didn’t forget about it, I just never use that for anything except catching neutral jump moves that are at some distance. It’s not bad, but it’s more situational than I would like.

I see.

I lol’d at zoning almost as good as Fei when so much of the cast has to sit there and eat a rekka or 2 because they can’t do shit about it.

Apparently Dudley’s mixup is so good it’s beyond the abilities of man /sarcasm

Endurance - 4
Reversal 2 only ex ju plus two bars to make it safe, crosscounter only hit dumb players that are not planing safe jumping.
AA ------------ 5 he can aa with most of his normals, and most of his specials, I counted 8, sure a simple shoryuken could and is probably considered 5 here too, but he has more options.
Zoning ------- 2 bad zoning, I put 2 here because he can zone like 3 characters with his normals.
Rush --------- 3 you can keep yourself in if you are good, but it’s far from beeing easy as some others characters, definetly not getting in with specials 5 would be Feilong and Yun 4.5 would be Rufus and Yang, 4 would be Seth and Akuma/Viper, 3.5 xxxxx just for reference
Mix up -------- 3, he get some guesses on wakeup, overhead, low attack, and ssb/os for backdashes, other characters don’t have the best overhead in the game, but they can do ambiguous crossups that will beat backdashes, plus jump ins that will send focus backdashers to do a dash towards your character.
Dmg pot ----- 3.5 if you guess right and punish right all the time you would be 6, you are the best damage dealer in the game, punishes over 400 and mixups over 300, but the overall “keep damaging” he lose to characters like Viper and Akuma, that can keep dishing it out, as a punish or not, and some others.
Viability ------- 2 I gave 2 and not 1 because he is my main, period.

Everybody keeps saying he has no mixups mid screen becuase they just backdash.Well, if you are THAT sure they’re gonna backdash, uhm, punish it.

It’s risky. If I know your the type of player that’s backdash-happy, I simply throw out ex MGB on your wakeup. Again, risky… Is it worth it? No, just safe jump with OS U1 or U2. Worst case scenario they block. Once blocked, continue frame traps, throws, etc. Once you get them in the corner- you did something right.

not sure if i agree with the last part


gen, juri, dhalsim, deejay, guile, vega, rose.

Lol. Cause dud can only get 130 dmg OSing and punishing backdash. He totally can’t get up to 500. 3 things you fail to realize: punishing a back dash gives you extra damage, positioning and frame advantage. 3 things you WANT to have. If someone continuously backdashed, I’d just OS them all day.

The name of the game is cutting off your opponents options so you can do what you want or force their hand. If you give up on vital parts of your strategy because you’re afraid of backdash or reversal then you’re just limiting yourself.

Thing is, reversals kill dudley. I would wakeup xx everytime vs any dudley player and 90 percent of the time it works.

Liquid you available to play? You’re another person I wanna play now that I have a 360.