Need easy character to learn the game with...really suck balls

I admit, I just started today, but fuck I suck at this shit. I’m getting my ass handed to me at rank 2. I wouldn’t say I’m a fighting game god, but I played MvC2/Guilty Gear/BB/even SFIV for a while. I would like to think that I’m better than rank 2 at a fighting game.

I’m getting owned. By complete fucking scrubs. By Kens repeatedly jumping in and doing crouching medium into tatsu. In SFIV I can mash uppercut. In MvC2 I can call Psylocke assist. In Guilty Gear I can fuzzy guard. In this game I get owned.

Guess this is the karma I get for trolling all the MvC2 new-comers with Magnus when that game went online.

I really want to get good at this game…using Makoto atm. 4-12 with her ranked…so probably won’t be using her anymore unless Boss personally flies to my house and tutors me. Also tried Chun and got owned by fucking Alexes and Q’s, so I don’t think she’s my type either. Anyone recommend be a decent character to use?

If this is your problem then it’s not the character it’s 100% you. mashing uppercut = shortcut DP you’ve just been hitting :df::df: If you are getting beat by people using jump ins and crouching med/tatsu combo then you got to go to training mode and learn your normals and anti airs.

Again it’s not the character that is the problem, you haven’t even learnt the basics of Street Fighter.

Hugo has the easiest trials.

Similar thead is here:

What he said.

You may get an idea about anti-air and basic defense tips, if you watch this vid.

Yea, I was always on the marvel side when it came to capcom games, but I transitioned into SFIV from MvC2 really easily. I guess 3s is just too different.

Makoto has no damn anti airs.

Fight fire with fire? Beat scrubby Kens with a non-scrubby Ken?

yes she does, and there are other ways to avoid jump ins with her. Don’t forget tapping forward allows you to parry moves aswell!

Use the training mode, practice all the trials and parry games, then go onto youtube and watch some 3S games, you will start to notice new things that you won’t have noticed before because you haven’t learnt the basics.

See, the parry system. I thought I would be good at it cuz I was pretty decent at fuzzy guarding in Guilty Gear/BB, but it’s not the same. The frames for getting a low parry seems really fucking strict.

Meh, I guess I just made this thread outta frustration. I can’t expect to compete against people who probably played this game on GGPO for years. Will sleep on it and try playing again tomorrow.

“Like everyone else you want to learn the way to win. But never to accept the way to lose.
To accept defeat — to learn to die — is to be liberated from it.
Once you accept, you are free to flow and to harmonize. Fluidity is the way to an empty mind.
You must free your ambitious mind and learn the art of dying.”

- Bruce Lee

I always follow this philosophy in martial arts and videogames, it’s applicable to life in general. You are too hung up over winning, accept that you do not know what you are doing, accept that bad players will beat you, accept the game mechanics are not easy to master. Once you do this you will accelerate your learning and have a whole lot more fun with game.

Sleep on that

st.MP, st.HP, n.j.HK

Easy characters to learn the game: Chun and Ken. Teach you hit confirms, solid choices, relatively simple gameplay

I’m a Marvel player and found my way to this thread by accident, but I completely agree with The Furious One. I am mid-tier in Marvel – just above Pot Monster level probably (on pad, at that, which I guess is maybe marginally non-terrible). I was even worse garbage three months ago. Why did I stop being garbage? I stopped turning off the 360 two seconds after the results screen showed a loss and started ramming my face into the losses, all the while asking myself, “Where are these matches going wrong?”

Hell, I was so bad I actually ranked down on Marvel ladders. Now I’ve fought my way back up, and while I’m not winning all the time, I’m at least losing ground slower.

The solution is really to just push yourself into the matchups and find out where things are going wrong. Run some sets with another SRKer or someone else you know in the scene who knows the game better than you (shoutouts to Red Rick Dias). You need to lose before you can win – disheartening, but true.

That’s not to say I don’t get mad at losing – I get furious, especially when it’s losing to cheese. Then I remind myself that if I’m losing to cheese – well, there might be a grain of truth in that, but the onus is just as much on me as it is them. If I want to stop losing so bad I have to put up with… losing so bad, first.

^^ this guy above me says the truth. you are just going to lose and lose and lose again. hell man i been for maybe hmm i want to say 2 or 3 years. hell man i still lose and when i always fight someone who i know goes to tourneys i always lose. at least i lose while trying to play solid. trust me mostly playing online sucks because it not like offline. No one to joke around or give you advice if you are just sitting in a room playing online.

hell i got my ass kick by a necro tonight just jumping and doing that sim drill of his. oh trust me i was mad as hell when i lose but at least i was trying to play solid.

Edit: also another good thing to do is take a break. if you are just losing every match just take a quick 30 min break from the game. gives you a bit to calm down and rethink what you are doing.

You know what’s really bad about Rank 2? That’s nowhere near the first cut-off point for replay searching. First cut off point for replay searching is Rank 100 with the biggest cutoff being Rank 500. They planned on people being Rank 500+.

A long way to go alright!

Gouki tatsumaki spam is this games mash srk or psylocke assist

naturally its an integral part of my game

I’d say Alex is easy to pick up and get good with for a beginner.

And, I just so happened to have written an Alex beginners guide overhere.

if you want to win, pick up chun li.

learn to hit confirm with different moves, zone a bit, and kara throw and youll be godlike in no time.

If at first you don’t succeed…

Although in your case with scrubby kens, I’d just block.

Best beginner-friendly char is Ken(switch to Chun, if you dislike shotos). If you can’t do well with him, it must be you or your crappy pad/stick.

Renic covered something similar to this in one of his videos. Something akin to “parry, mash jab, dash under, the options are endless.”

Just play Oro.