Need extensive help on modding the Madcatz SE


I was originally going to post this on the absolute q/a thread but I don’t want to worry about my post getting buried and stuff.

Also I will be searching the forums later for potential answers, but I just want to get this out there first.

Alright, just acquired my SE case today (well the KE, but same shit).

Does anyone have experience/know of a tutorial with pictures for modding this with a PS360+?

The guy left Start/Select buttons and wires intact, and the headphone jack is still there (though I have no plans on using it).
The joystick mount (the metal panel) also seems to be there.

He took off the turbo panel (which I assume is the PCB originally anyway), so I need a way to fill in that big gaping hole as well as two buttons (8 button is dick). Does anyone know of a way to do this? Don’t want to apply artwork and worry about accidentally like, punching a hole through it lol.

First things first I’m going to be painting the entire case black, and apply some custom artwork. After that comes the actual electronics (which I have no experience with).

I have access to a dremel, if I need to dremel holes for a PS3 guide or 360 guide button (or both)… as well as the Neutrik adaptor hole.

Thanks for everyone who contributes to helping me on my first real mod d:

  1. Filling in the button holes, you have 2 options: just use button plugs after you apply the artwork (there are Sanwa clear button plugs, so that might be more aesthetically pleasing than the standard solid color ones), or you can do the better-but-longer method of gluing/welding a piece underneath, filling in the hole with epoxy putty or bondo, and sanding until smooth

  2. Filling in the turbo panel hole is going to be much tougher; you either hunt down a turbo panel, or you do what I mentioned above about gluing/welding, filling with putty, and sanding.

  3. Modding it with a PS360+ is no different than modding anything else with a PS360+, just find a place to mount the PCB using the method of your choice, and follow the PS360+ screw-terminal spots to your buttons.


Gluing a piece of what underneath? I think I can do that.

Uhh but people have like guide buttons inside wire compartments and all sorts of weird places. Is that not necessary for a PS360+ mod? Maybe I’ll watch some install videos in the meantime d:

Weather’s crappy so I’m going to paint the case tomorrow.


PS360 supports start +select = guide/home. You don’t need a dedicated button.

As for the turbo panel, a less clean looking (but easier) option would be to cut a piece of plexiglass or lexan slightly larger than the opening, then super glue it in place. Just sand down the edges first to avoid lacerations.


Wait what. That’s interesting! So the only thing I have to worry about is the Neutrik hole.

What worries me is the hole in the SE for the original cable. Is it okay to just leave it? I’m not going to be using it for the cables anyway, but it does kind of bother me that there’s just a little hole there.

Finished painting today actually. Krylon fusion works nicely, totally idiot proof :stuck_out_tongue: Might apply some clear coat layers soon.


Yeah, definitely clear coat that. You don’t want it chipping.


How exactly does clear coat work anyway? Is it also spray or is it like an actual paint? Any recommended brands? Sorry, I’m a total noob with this stuff.


Wait, you didn’t drill the hole first?


i glued a piece of roof flashing (really thin metal) over the turbo panel to cover the turbo panel hole and last two buttons. in the end the art looked noticeably raised in those areas and it bothered me. for another joystick i just taped over it with heavy duty shipping tape and it came out much cleaner looking.


Next time you should patch it from the bottom and fill the hole with Bondo and sand it flush.


No, I don’t have access to a dremel at the moment. Next week I do. Not sure where the hole supposed to go or how big the bit is supposed to be or anything like that =/ anyone wanna help? lol

Found videos online of people installing RJ45 Neutriks but they’re using the select button hole… I need to drill a completely new one.


Might mess your paint up drilling the hole. I believe that’s why he asked.

PS- Who’s the chick in your avatar?


In the worst case scenario I’ll just re-do the paint on that back side… not the end of the world.

Dug up some stuff on the forum, so the hole for the RJ45 feed is 24mm… how the heck do I accurately measure a 24mm hole in a perfect circle and drill through it?

The girl is Kang Ye Bin :smiley:

It just occurred to me that the SE case doesn’t have a bottom shell like the TE does. How/Where the hell am I securing the PS360+ PCB? LOL


Use a 24mm spade bit or forstner bit.

I mounted a cthulhu inside an se dual mod by putting a wood screw through one of the corner holes into one of the plastic posts. Since you’re doing a fresh install, I’d put it where the terminal strip was using the heavy duty command strips (plastic Velcro often used for mounting white boards) or something made specifically for pcb mounting.


Here’s a few of my older SE casing mods to help inspire you:

(in order of oldest to newest, so logically messiest to cleanest)

For PCB mounting, you can try your best and use the mounting posts that are already in the case.

I personally tend to cut my own PCB mounting plates and use PCB standoffs to put in my boards.


Sorry, so how/what exactly do I clear coat the paint with?


With a clear coat. Most paint brands make them.
For example:


Ah, is that a spray as well? I’ll look for some tomorrow


First roadblock: picked up a Hayabusa today from a forum member but noticed this might be an issue:

What am I supposed to do?


Turn it.