Need feedback from ps3 sfiv players having verizon fios

I currently have verizon dsl with 7mbps download/0.750mbps upload speed. Im thinking in switching to verizon fios that has a plan with up to 15mbps download/5mbps upload speed in order to play sfiv/ssfiv competitively online but I dont know if that will be a good idea or not.
In one hand, I guess it will be better having a connection that transmits data through fiber optics, way faster than regular phone that dsl uses, but also Im aware that the actiontec router verizon gives with the service practically nullifies the positive effects fios could have when playing online fighting games like sfiv. What has been your experience with verizon fios, what did you do in order to set it up correctly and have playable online matches without noticeable lag? Or should I just stick with my dsl service ( port forwarding, wiring it, dmz maybe, qos, etc …) ?

Might wanna ask in Tech Talk. And how have you been?

sup man … Ive been allright I guess. Im now trying to get back into fighting games.
I made the thread here coz its concerning ps3 users, if a mod move it I wont complain though.

You’re only as fast as your weakest link. Even if you upgrade, you are most likely going to be connecting to someone that is still on DSL or cable. It wouldn’t be beneficial unless the person you connect to was using fios also.

Mostly Im going to add gamer tags from people in la socal area ( denjin, ai, super arcade, ffa ), so I will do my research to see who has fios and who doesnt. Thanks for the reply.