Need feedback on a Happ P360


I have been thinking about getting a new custom with a Happ P360 stick in it but I read somewhere that the quality on them has gone down. Does anyone use a P360? Have you had to do any mods to it to make it more playable?

Thanks in advance


My buddy has a mame cabinet with P360’s on there. Seems fine to me, just very different feel from Japanese parts.


A Different feel is exactly what I am looking for. They may bot be precise enough for SSF4 play but there are plenty of other fighting games coming out. I just wanted to get some feedback before I went through the trouble of having a custom based around it.


They feel very similar to Happ Competition sticks but without the click of the switches. Really a smoother version of the Competition. They don’t seem any more or less accurate.


From what I read, the new ones feel slightly different from the old WICO ones, but have improved in quality and reliability from when they first started making the initial batch of new ones. Google “Optical Joystick Discussuion” and you might find the SRK thread that discusses the different optical sticks.


Thanks fellas. I will go ahead with my new stick in a month or so. I found that discussion too rtdzign, very informative.


If I were you I would see about getting a Wico or OLDER (2000 - 2003) model P360…I have one from an old mas stick from 2000, no issues ever. I have used it in 3 or 4 sticks now too. I hope it never dies lol…Oh and I play everything on the p360, its extremely accurate.


only thing with the p360’s is that the diagnols can be difficult to hit. This can be semi fixed by adjusting the diodes on the PCB and thinning the acuator.


@Half-Ro I read about those WICO sticks but they seem really hard to find. I’ll start with the current P360 just because its easy to get my hands on one. lol


Not sure if newer P360s are anything like the the 1st ones HAPP made, but as far as I remember HAPP P360 sticks come with a less durable washer than the original WICO sticks (I remember some one selling home made/after market replacements here) and I also believe you need to adjust the sensors a bit on the HAPP ones as they sometimes come misaligned from the factory (some one correct me if I’m wrong, it’s been a long time since the last time I posted here)


Not gonna lie fixing the Happ P360 is a PITA! I basically followed Kowal’s methods (he’s pretty much an authority on this issue).

Here’s my take on it.

But when it’s fixed it’s awesome. I never got around to fixing the hard spring to make it softer.
Kyle mentioned a while back that you can clip one or two of the coils and that should work fine.

I actually tried Kowal’s method of burning the spring, but I must’ve been doing it wrong because I never got it to feel any different.

I also tried a medium spring–the one that comes with the competition or IL EURO–but that was way too flimsy with no microswitch resistance.


Thanks for all the feedback fellas it really helps.


Updated earlier post with “Easy Happ Light Spring Mod”. Thanks to Kyle.

I gave it a shot and took just one coil off and the spring feels about 25% lighter.
I’ll probably end up taking off 1 more. Good thing I got a spare in case it’s too flimsy.


I wonder if a p360 will fit in the arcade stick that comes with the MK9 Tournament Edition.


@pzlate - Probably. But I’d imagine you would have to remove or mod the clear plastic cover over the stick and buttons on the MK stick.
Might also have to add spacers for proper mounting height.


Yeah, I assumed as much.


I got one of those MK stick and game bundles on reserve. Cant wait to check it out. I’ll post back once I get my custom made adn try out the P360 for a while. Then I’ll see if I need to make any of the adjustments Kubebot sugested.


Q: Does this stick have essentially the same mounting requirements (regarding space) as the Happ Competition Stick?