Need general advice fighting defensive players


As the title says…

I’m not a n00b. I would consider myself above average, probably top 15% of my area. My best chars are Alex and Urien. Trying to move up Necro, Ken, and Oro on that list.

I really have no trouble fighting average players who fight offensively, and I really enjoy fighting players that are better than me, who play offensively.

I have the most trouble fighting average players who have a decent grasp of the game (can do 2 hit parries, play a good mix and pacing, keep their ground, but sweep too much, and tend to the shotos) but always seem to run away from me. 3/4 of the players here who fight me either run away from me, or always wait for my attack. I get annoyed and attack. If i get them into a corner and trap them, i usually end the match within the next 15 seconds, esp with Urien.

Although I will have an overall higher win streak than them, and a higher win percent, that stuff bothers me, and I don’t like fighting that style. I can beat it, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Any ideas to keep up the pressure? And the first thing I need to perfect is air-parrying random EX dragon punches.

Thoughts and ideas appreciated.


there’s a Remy scrub down here that turtles the fuck out of people. The tactic I use is choose Alex and headstomp the fuck out of him since turtling beginners don’t know how to stop it.

A tactic better players use and I’ve started to use against him is jump straight up. In this case he flash kicks thinking your jumping forward and eats a move since I’m grounded before him.

In your case it would be a SRK it seems so a fierce might need a single parry but definately a good idea to try at least.


throw alot


seriously throw alot… then walkup and overhead into super (DUDLEYYYY) or something… thatll teach them…

btw when they tend to be shotos i love to do my ken technique :wink:

its dash-in… they go for c.forward or sweep and then i always dash back and sweep myself… hitting them =)

i love the technique helped me a couple of times :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea, I took off a good 70% of the guy’s life by simply mixing up Alex’s stomps.

I will throw more. I use throws mainly as defense, because I’m wary of the random wakeup Shoryu xx super, even as blocked. And if I get in close enough, I often forget about UOH, because I think that there are better options. I will try to use more UOH’s.

As for the dash in dash out technique, I do that, but I’d rather not give them too much breathing space, because if they manage to get out of the corner, I need to chase them down yet again… I chased this guy around the screen about 3 times in a round. And the timer is reallllllly slow. Damn…I beat more above average offensive players than I do average turtlers…


mix-ups and throws will break the toughest of defences

IMO, alex do better against offensive players but here’s one thing to consider : get an early lead, and play defensive :wink: force them to go offensive. wahahaha

when on opposite sides of the screen in a slow/defence game, they’ll be tempted to throw a fireball sooner or later… EX stomp woot woot :lol:


Or you could go the other extreme like I did and pick the biggest turtle in the game (Q). :lol: :lol:


common coward strategy from average players who wants to win …:bluu:


well, if they are turtling, and you want to win, the best thing to do is just be patient and wait for them. i usally stand way out of range of any of thier moves and carfully charge meter, constnatly keeping that distance until they get pissed off and try to attack me.

if you are looking to rush them down, i agree that you should throw them, but if you are alex, thats what you should be working for anyway. you want to throw them in the corner, then start his wakeup mix-up game that deals out a lot of stun…

closing distance with urien, us then cancel into a head but to suprise them with a throw. wouldnt work too well on good players, but someone who dosent have any offense probably wont see it coming. then of course, get them int he corner and do urien agies shit.


Yeah it sure is cowardly to pick one of the worst characters in the game and win with him. :lame:


i think thedude was referring to the turtling shotokans

if you win a match with Q, your opponent is bowned no matter how you did it :wink:


you know what ?? me…

i use 12 against turtle chun li …

i win , cuz’ that sucka’ has no experience against 12 …

and word for him …


in my country , some serious 3s player has been so busy !! and the arcade is now filled with average players who play defensive , and worst they pick shotos and chun ONLY ! god …they sound as worse as a scrub …

i remember fighting this guys using ryu , he use SA2 , i learn my lesson , meaty properly , he tend to wake-up SSRK , and he can’t combo into ssrk , that’s worse … i can only own him with alex’s stungun …then he quit , i can’t practic 3s because of him . i have to pick alex to destroy him can’t use the rest … and i lose …

what’s worse their defensive strategy don’t work on the boss , that’s more average players tend to quit 3rd strike , reason " i can’t beat the boss "


I’m usually the one who runs out of patience first and attacks, but I will try to wait for their attack now. They all fear jumping at Alex because I swat them out with twd HP, so the end up crouching and moving back and forth, throwing occasional dwn MP’s. Boring as hell, I tell you.

As for the Urien dwn MP into Headbutt, thanks. I never knew that worked well, because I always thought dwn MP had bad lag.


well, thats what i am saying. people who play like that, i use it as a perfect opprotunity to practice patience. 99 times out of a 100, if they refuse to fight and just sit around, thier offense isnt going to be anything you wont be able to counter after a few blocked moves or a simple parry. make them play -your- game. make them fight. once you get your hits in, then rush them down.


If your opponent is turtling, back them into the corner with whiffed meter-building moves. Especially with Urien, that’s when the match is over. Once you have enough for one mirror, the rest is all gravy.


RH Tackle(blocked) xx Fierce Reflector, dash forward, neutral throw

Since the moke is busy turtling up and the mirror is obviously going to make him crap his pants, dash up and neutral throw him. By the time he gets out of it, the mirror will have lovingly overlapped his turtley ass and he’s in low-fierce juggle flavour country. Lather, rinse, repeat.

N - Throw a lot. Then tick throw. Then let go of the stick and duck, because yer prolly gonna get punched.


Thongboy: Thanks for the blocked combo, I often forget using Shoulder xx Aegis because I normally use Sphere xx Aegis.

I had some matches yesterday, and we both agreed to fight turtle style. Man, fights last long… run-away 12 is surprisingly effective, esp against another turtler. My bro beat my Urien 3-1 because I couldn’t chase him down effectively before time ran out.

I used a lot more UOH’s, but the same amount of throws…both my bro and I use a lot of throws defensively already (he’s got that damn throw button for the DC controller) man…I didn’t remember teching a throw knocked both guys so far back. It was very different for me to play this way…when the grades came up after the matches, the “TECH” gauge was damn high…normally my “OFFENSE” gauge is hella high.

Ken’s UOH rocks, but Urien’s sucks bad…any way to make it better? I always get thrown after doing his UOH, either after 1 or 2, but mostly 1.


is the UOH getting parried or blocked? you should be able to give him a nice HEADBUTT if he tries to throw…

and also, with the shoulder, if you are in close and happen pop him in the corner with a light shoulder, cancel into a light agies and then you get some free combos right there.

you might want to try coming up short with the UOH and then go into a headbutt but youd have to get your ranges down…

also, you might want to drop short with his kneedrop move, see if your opponent reacts then capitlize accordingly, or at least throw.


i use urien’s ex headbutt to zone in or cross to the other side to throw. people tend to block and even if they react fast, that move has nice recovery time.

you’re right, his UO does suck


UOH hits them, but it doesn’t stun them long enough, and they recover first, so I get thrown. If I land 2 though, I will charge buffer a LP headbutt from now on though.

as for the EX headbutt over them, I do it, but less often on turtles. Unless I can get close enough (they either walk back, or poke like mad) it’s wasting my meter.


i think what you are doing is just throwing the UOH right out when you are next to them. what you need to be doing is setting it up with a quick c.short or something so you hit them much later when you do the UOH and therefore recover much faster and will at least be able to tech the throw, if not a headbutt.