Need guidance! QCFx2 motion

trying to bring Ken into my team of Ryo and Joe…problem is I have a hard time with that qcfx2 motion. it’s really sad, sometimes I get his silly kick out, sometimes its’ an uppercut. how can i get better with this. i’ve even tried setting the game speed down to 2 so i can practice…hasn’t helped though. i don’t wanna give up on Ken.

Please help :frowning:

are you trying to do just the super or combo from something else like mk?

for the super alone just begin by making the circles slowly…
get that motion and and increase your hand speed little by little until the super actually comes out…
(this is how i learned to do them in sfa2)

for comboing from mk
you can do:
down, down-fwd mk, fwd*, down, down-fwd, fwd p or k

*somehow it works for me to skip that fwd after mk

Hey, I’ve beeen playing SF2 since World Warrior and I hated those motions too. I hid in the Marvel VS games just to avoid them but finally forced myself in Third Strike. If you have the normal QCF motion down perfect then what I suggest is trying to emphasize the second DOWN motion. Also, slow it down as much as you can at first, and I find that if you miss it like 10 times in a row, stop trying for like half a minute and then give it another whack.

I’m trying to get comfortable with the combo either:, c.lp, (1st qcf motion), qcf mp
or (1st qcf motion), qcf mp
thanks for the advice so far. i’ll keep workin on it.

Ha. Yeah, took a while for that too. I got it at about 75% now.
What worked for me is breaking it into steps.
Do Low Short into Shoryureppa first.
Once that’s perfected, add the ducking Jab before it, and then the whole sha-bang.
Sometimes it’s easier to go for Ducking Short, Ducking Jab, STANDING short instead. This gives you practice for Ken’s guard breaker combo when you don’t have super (Replace Shuryureppa with WackyKick; HCF+Short).
Don’t spazz out trying to do the combination either. It’s not a rapid button sequence. You must be in control of the timing of each button press. Good luck, hope that helps.

In most instances, you should really try to avoid using shortcuts (i.e. qcf + mk, qcf + fp) to combo into supers. Just press the button for the normal attack and then quickly do the super. It seems tough at first, but once you get it down it will be much easier and more reliable.