Need Guile Strategies Vs. Other Characters



I use Guile as my team anchor. I would like to think I am very good with him, but I have a few people giving me problems. I play on Live, which means I can’t Roll Cancel.

  1. Vs. Rugal - Rugal has this air fist move that seems to destroy my flashkick or c.FP. Since I have no answer for it my opponents have been abusing it against me, and even when I block they go into a ground string that keeps me in block stun. The only thing I have so far is to try to jump with Roundhouse kick and poke him in the air before he starts the move. What does everyone else do against this? (remember I can’t RC on live)

  2. Vs. Anyone who spams air-fireballs - You know the type - they pick an SNK char with air fireballs and just hop around on the other side of the screen. Suggestions?

  3. Vs. Double Fireball people - Joe and King have this move. When I throw the sonic they are throwing a double fb and because Guile’s recovery is a little slow in this version I get hit by the second one. Ideas?

  4. Vs. Super Turtles - I just had my worst experience against a Maki player last week. She just blocked everything and waited, and whenever I approached stuck out one of her punches and hit my attacking limb. Very annoying

  5. Vs. P/K groove - Guile’s Sonic and Flashkick are one-hit wonders, and good P/K players have no problems stopping them.

  6. Vs. Nak - I just played a rushing Nak player and I never could answer her sliding move that goes under the Sonic Booms. She would never sit still, kept crossing to kill my charge, etc.

That’s about it. Not to say I haven’t come up with some welfare solutions to these issues, but I am trying to have a ready answer for everything and these have been some troublesome incidents the last few weeks.





What to do about the runaway game. I got hit again last night with Air-Rugal and Air-Geese. Nothing but run away spam air-fireball keep away “if you want it you have to chase me and eat my air foot” shit.

Need an effective solution to people that are afraid of Guile and pull this.



Heh, if you can’t deal with air fireball people, you’re not very good with him :slight_smile:

What groove do you use?


Perhaps I can qualify - I AM good with him, but the things I listed have been most annoying on my journey to mastery of the character. I can stop them but I wanted a different perspective on these so I can see how other Guile players handle those situations.

I use C most of the time, N sometimes. I started practicing P last week but it’s nowhere near ready for regular use.

I typcially play a rush-down on xbox-live since it’s harder to play reactively when lag is involved, and this way I can just keep constant pressure, but when runaway air-fireball players do nothing but stay away that doesn’t work so well anymore.

Like in the Rugal case, his air-fist move seems to have priority over crouching fierce or my flash kick, and if I block then he can go into a string and jump away without punishment. I don’t have access to standing strong (type S controller has 4 good buttons) until my new controller comes in this week, so I don’t know how well that would work.

For runaway-air fireball, their whole strategy is to stay away and spam fireballs or jumping RH kicks. As Guile, if all I did was stay away and throw sonic booms I would not be very effective. The act of approaching a jumping AF player involves having to dodge these attacks while trying to get close. As soon as I get close I may be hit by a high-priority normal or some other move and then they run away again. It’s more annoying than anything, so again, looking for how other Guile players approach this - just stay on the other side and ignore the bait? Looking for ideas is all…

So anyway, any strats for the above situations?




Rugal’s air smash - jump straight up roundhouse

Air fireballs - roll and punish. If they do it when it clearly won’t hit you (e.g. Geese doing jab air FB from full screen) walk forward until they’re in the corner.


Thanks - I will try that next time

Another issue - I was against Rock,Terry, Mai and their jumping Rounhouse kicks seem to have priority over Flashkicks and C.Fierce - every time I tried a groundbased attack on the jump-ins my move lost. Does s.Strong have higher priority? Maybe s.Roundhouse? It drives me crazy that I am forced to block these cheesey moves (that I see coming a mile away and am ready for but can’t do anything about because they are penetrating all of my answers for them…)



With Guile I rely heavily on mind games.

 For example, if Im playing someone on C, P , or K groove, I can use a flash kick as anti air maybe once or twice, but eventually your enemy will catch on and it will be parried or blocked in the air leaving Guile vulnerable. So what I like to do and it works, is do a flash kick and chance being retaliated against. Then the next time your enemy may expect it. 

This is where I use one of Guiles best moves: The Air Throw. Now the enemy has to think of something else to retaliate with, since if he parries or blocks hes gonna get thrown.
Usually after this happens the opponent will notice you jumping and will stick out an attack to hit you. In this scenario I use my own air block or parry and nail him on the way down (BTW I almost always use C groove so I have that option).

The possibilities are almost endless, and the opponent gets so frustrated he cant jump any more without fear of taking damage. Also Guile has such good range compared to a lot of characters that he can usually beat out the other characters Air Throw, if they even have one. I played a guy at SVGL the other day and I used this strategy on him and he was getting so pissed cuz every time he jumped I would keep droppin his ass like nothing and it just broke down his whole offense. I must admit though, if he was using A groove he could have used his CC activation invincibility to do damage, but dont let me get started on the unethical practice of A groove…

But I would avoid using P groove Guile, since he can benefit so much from rolling in order to move forward while still charging. The only advantage i can think if is the ability to parry into a his Sonic Hurricane or Wipeout super, but the fact that you cant parry without losing your charge just plain sucks. Guile needs to be charged at ALL TIMES.

Any loopholes to this strategy let me know.

 Also to answer MiteeThoR's problem, the best way to get around the high priority kicks is to roll ASAP and Flash kick while they are behind you in the air.  This works for 2 reasons: 1 because you are behind them, Duh, but also there is a much smaller chance of being countered since you will most likely be starting the Flash kick after the roll very late just before the enemy lands, which gives you the priority.  I either use that or I block and guard cancel it with a Counter Hit on C groove. It doesnt do hardly any damage but its a great way of telling them to bak-da-fuk-up.


I know what you mean about Rugal’s air-fist move having priority. It seems to beat almost all anti-air stuff, lots of DP’s, etc. But I don’t understand why you don’t just FK it. Guile’s Rh FK is the one anti-air move that I have found that beats Rugal’s air-fist move almost 100%. Just do it really really late. If it’s beating your FK, then your probably doing it too soon, or using the short/forward version.

EDIT: also remember that Rugal can hold the air-fist move to make it come out later/earlier to try and throw off your anti-air timing. Just don’t fall for these tricks. Make sure to watch the frames of animation for when he actually starts coming down at you.


For people who runaway w/ air FB’s all day I simply match the FB’s w/ my own SB’s. Guile is building meter and he’s way too dangerous once he has a lvl3 stored up. I play P-Groove Guile most of the time so I like to parry, then quickly fierce SB. On characters like Geese, he gets hit by the SB because he has slight recovery as he lands from it, so runaway w/ FB’s are not effective against P-Guile. I know it might be boring to just stay back and play their stupid run away game, but I’ve found if you just have a little patience, Guile will win in the end.


guiles far standing strong beats out almost every normal air attack in the game, you should use that alot, and for those that turtle like whores, use c.fowards and s.roundhouse alot. fuck nako


Here’s some random stuff…

Tactics against:

Rugal: Back fist all day. The way to really stop his air smasher move is to keep his ass grounded and thinking twice about jumping up.

Chun-Li: Poor Chun gets wrecked by Guile. Crouching fierce stops all her jump ins from in front of you and standing medium kick takes care of the rest. Also, in case she does get in on you and goes into her spinning bird kick string. His crouching jab breaks the chain. Be fast!

Sagat: Again, back fist his ass all day. Mix it up a bit but keep the back fist coming.

Balrog: See Sagat.

Zangief: See Sagat.

Bison: Jab SB bait and pressure strings when up close. See pressure string listed below. The key is to break his guard and destroy his with a level 2 super cancel into whatever.

Pressure string:
jab, jab, c. mk,, j. sb, s. mk push forward, pause, react with either back fist if they try to jump at you or another c. mk into super.

One trick that I use all the time is blocked level 1 flash kick into suplex. Peeps get paralyzed just waiting for the extra flash kick that never comes.:smiley:

Hope this helps.

Look me up so we can get some practice sessions with Guile. We can chat on the mic.



Thanks for the strats man

I’ll start using my mic again - I just got tired of people cussing me out and trash talking. I just want a good game and firing insults at people isn’t my idea of fun.



1.Man, Guile owns Rugal for free.
His flash kick is good against the air smasher, you just gotta wait until he is deep. slow booms and constant pressure, just watch out for’s.

Air fireballs?? when did they become a problem? if you have roll, roll underneith, if you dont, wait until fireball has left hand and air-air them.

Also, whoever said backhands are great is completely right… backhand that shit all day.

Against P/K grooves, throw slow boom and run after it, P/K groovers cant stand to not parry/jd the projectiles, so mix the followup with or stop, short jump mk … whatever, you can mess with P/K groovers. Also, if you use c.fp as an anti air, make sure it hits them at the peak of the punch, cause ti reaches up so high that if they jd/parry it, you are still safe (like 90% safe), but dont AA with flash kick unless its a cross up.

Against Turtles… Guard Crush that shit to hell, guile has 1001 good pokes, and great supers, eat turtles alive.


You can keep you charge when you parry and JD


Thanks * HoneyBBQGrundle * for pointing that out, and my bad on the false info.


As was mentioned, Guile s.strong will beat out pretty much 95% of the jump-ins in the game. Cancel to jab Sonic Boom and force them to block until 60% of their guard bar is gone.
You play P… you can Parry that crap if you’re not beating it outright, THEN nail them with s.strong XX jab Sonic Boom to start the pressure game.

If you decide to go with C Guile, you can L2 rush super XX RH Flash Kick for AA.

Against runaway air FB: Worse comes to worse, you’re stuck throwing Sonic Booms at fullscreen. Which isn’t a bad thing; you’re safe and force them to act on your terms. It’s just boring, can get tiring, and it wears down patience like nothing else.
At best, you can advance with SB cover and give them a good j.RH to the face when they jump up again, then land and proceed to guard break them.


*Originally posted by MiteeThoR *
I use Guile as my team anchor. I would like to think I am very good with him, but I have a few people giving me problems. I play on Live, which means I can’t Roll Cancel.

  1. Vs. Rugal - Rugal has this air fist move that seems to destroy my flashkick or c.FP. Since I have no answer for it my opponents have been abusing it against me, and even when I block they go into a ground string that keeps me in block stun. The only thing I have so far is to try to jump with Roundhouse kick and poke him in the air before he starts the move. What does everyone else do against this? (remember I can’t RC on live)


Flashkick later…that fist thing has no priority what so ever…wait for them to come down first, then flash kick…so simply just block, or roll out of the way for a throw or something

roll, or jump towards them with rh, that thing has pretty good range.

You should mainly be using the lp version of sonic boom, which has great recovery…you obviously don’t try to counter double fb with sb, so that shouldn’t be a problem. And if you still have problems, it means you’re not throwing your sb’s from close/far enough.

turtle back if you’re winning, try to chip with lp sb, punish if they try to roll. you can also walk around to try and bait out a punch and then counter.

there isn’t much you can do about parries…but my tactic is to just jab instead of flashkick, if they’re in K, they’ll bounce up, and you’re safe to try for another jab or whatever, it kinda works for parries…though they have no lag after a parry, so they may be still able to punish jabs…against P, if you think they’re trying to bait out a move to parry, let them land and throw them.

Try throwing sb’s only when you’re close. Guile has a large array of normal moves to use, you should get to know them (distances it travels, range, etc)

Hope this helps


what about C-guile vs C/A RC’ing Sakura? her RC hurricane kick and RC fireball hurts his footsie game big time…


Can i get some

BnB combos for guile and techniques for overall strategy. is he conservative? can be be used as rush down? what are my main pressure combos.


read that first, it’ll answer all of your basic/intermediate questions.