Need HD screencaps for Abel artwork, any help?

I want to make a nice piece of Abel art for my stick, unfortunately it requires some screenshots of his different moves in as good a quality as possible.

Best thing i can think of is capturing the gameplay in HD or screenshotting stuff on the PC version.

Can anyone help me?

Stills I am looking for. (Abel color blue on the alternate costume, or blue on regular costume.

  • Abel standing startup of Ultra (zoomed out)
  • Abel ultra startup (zoomed in on face and fist)
  • Abel whiffed ultra (standing there with fist outstreched)
  • Abel Landing ultra on Ryu (punch in the stomach)
  • Final body slam pose with feet up in the air.

this is very roughly how i want to lay it out, I just need the screen caps to do so.

thanks for anyone that can help.

SFIV logo would be lighter colors, abels face and such would only show through in between the black lines of the SFIV logo.

the consecutive abel ultras on the bottom would be light blue and get darker and darker until the full color final hit on the right

much obliged man. Ideally there would be artwork somewhere for it, but it doesn’t seem like the exact things i need will ever be there… +++points if you can do it with the dark blue Alt Costume. :tup:

also, one more thing to mention… try to turn off all the gauges and meters, or move them out as far as possible and not in the shot. (obviously) thanks!

My computer at home is on the fritz. It’s overheating when I enter any game so that means I won’t be able to get your screenshots. Sorry bud.

Leave it to me man.

If you would pass a few my way too that would be stellar! Thanks in advance.

Here are the pics I captured:

97 pics in 1920x1080, total 22.8mb

That looks heavy…

Was looking for some exactly like this for a t-shirt print. Thanks