Need help... A-groove Iori, comboing the pillar super



What’s the key to landing Iori’s qcb, hcf+P super at the end of a CC? I’ve seen BAS and Ameri-Ken do it from fast d.HP xx d.HP in the corner, but it’s a lot harder than it sounds. I know it has something to do with your distancing and how you time your cancels, but exactly how I seriously have no idea.

Come on Gunter, I know you’re out there somewhere (and hopefully reading this thread hehe).


There’s no real way to explain it. It’s just a matter of timing. The first fierce hits them up, and you would ideally like to hit them with the very tip of the second fierce to combo the super, but I’ve done it lower than that too. It depends on your timing. Regardless, you want to be a little away from the corner when you toss the pillar… make sure the pillar is all the way on the screen. If it goes offscreen it won’t connect.


Thanks David. I’ve seen all your videos btw, and how you land the super kind of low. Good stuff. Tell your new best friend (Dr. B) I said hi.


If you’re midscreen and doing the ghetto custom, and you want poser points, do fierce dp, then pillar super after the second hit. That also works :slight_smile:



Thanks, I saw your Iori crazy no damage CC at the end of the Gunter’s vid too. ooohh left me breathless…


:)… heartwarming… lol


that was awesome.


Hey Gandido,
where can i access you and Gunters vids, especially Iori???
i would appreciate it.

#9 homey. good shit there. nice iori combos


“That is the pimpest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life…”
–Bryce and I in awe


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