Need help Adapting, spacing, playing footsies being patient

Alright so ive been playing ssf4 for 9 months now and im still losing constantly, and just wanna get better but i dont know where to start. I know every single thing about the game but when it actually comes to playing i just pretty much do what i want i main sakura n i basically just like getting in rushing but yesterday i fought this guy with 5000 pp and i said ggs and i said wow u treated me like a scrub then he came up with a thousand reasons y i am a scrub including the three at the top and im like i never knew any of this i just like to play street fighter but i realize i lose and im a really salty player and would just like to know how i could get better and actually learn these 3 things at the top n actually learn to know why i lost why i lost im not a noob iknow just pretty much a scrub i guess

Apparently not if you lost. If you know everything, then you should know where to be and when to strike. You need to realize that you’re actually bad and that everything you do doesn’t work for a reason, then you can adapt and start winning.

maybe i am bad but when i say i know every thing about this game i meant more of what every character is capable of os,frame traps, etc but just dont know how to actually play in game

read up on zoning, it will help you. its the first thing you should learn.

youtube has good tutorials on it

A few suggestions. First of all, (I’m being serious and not trolling), try to put periods in your sentences, because it is quite difficult reading your posts and trying to decipher where an idea stops and starts.

And you need to abandon your claim that you know every single thing about the game, because if it were true, then you would be winning a lot more. It’s one thing to know the terminology and basic principles behind them, and another thing to actually know how to do it in an actual match.

Learning all these different aspects of fighting games is quite difficult and requires having set goals in mind while you’re in training mode or playing actual matches. Start off by taking one concept, such as spacing, zoning, adaptability, punishing jump-ins, and focus on just that one aspect. If you want to work on spacing/zoning, try to limit yourself to NOT rushing down. Try to play a strong keep-away game by relying on your normal pokes, your fireball, and your various anti-airs to keep them at a distance. It may be the opposite of your natural instinct to just rush that shit down, but it will help you learn the fundamentals of street fighter, as opposed to just jumping in on someone and trying to do fancy combos.

Try to analyze your mistakes after a match, regardless of whether or not you won or lost. EVERYBODY makes mistakes in a match, and when you actually stop to look at them, then you can figure out a gameplan to try to strengthen the weaknesses in your game. It could be the fact that you jump in too match, or you played too fast and ate a random DP or ultra, or maybe you started playing too conservatively when you started to lose the life lead, etc etc.