Need Help against chun li

I have the hardest time fighting against Chun Li. What i usually do is try to land a CC other then that i’m at a lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do roll cancelled Devil Reverse (charge D, U+P) all day and land a CC.

well…if the person is doing the spinning bird trap, do RC psycho crusher or jab poke ur way out. Don’t try to AA jump-in short. try to trick by jumping in and activating as u jump in. Do cr. fierce and st. strong. If he person is sm.jumping with short, try to tick throw. Do some mixups with the kick devil reverse, but don’t do the punch just the headstomp. You could do the headstomp a few times get them to think ur going to do it again, but do the scissor kicks instead. Try to pressure them with his B&B(but don’t do it too much). Sometimes u could do, Dp + p on wakeup.

bison fighting against chun li is pretty scarry… but there’s always a way around. when fighting her don’t use too much scissor kick or she will> super > you… and if you gonna do devil reverse or head stomp… she will jump and fierce you 2 times… the best way to fight her is poke with jabs, shorts, forward, try to build your A groove meter… When you have your A groove meter is easy to beat her if you time it right… Chun li jumps a lot and she jumps high… wait until she jump short at you… or cross over with short… you will see it and have more time to activate… so when you see cross over jumpin short … activate and slide(cus she lost her trip guard) after slide do st.roundhouse… Scissor kick… repeat to the corner and start painting…

Why on earth would Chun want to jump when her ground game owns just about everybody in the game?

Just S.FP that jumping shit, it beats Chun Li out cleanly.

well… that depends on the players… some likes to jump others just like to walk back and forth…

there was this one time, I used chun li in my team, and I fought against E. Honda player… He basically sat in the corner… and head butts all day… I jumped… he head butt, I tried to do fireball… he rolls or jumped up…when I get close and tried to poke him… he trip me… I couldn’t do anything… Time ran out… he had more life… he won…

So Gunter… any tips for fighthing E.Honda that sits in the corner?

Well, this isn’t the right forum for it, but just bait one knockdown, and as he’s waking up, do crossup jumps to take away his charge, then do SBK strings to chip away guard… changing the strength of the kick to mess with his timing.

Cool… thanx for the tips Gunter. I’m going to try it out tomorrow against that dude again, at my school. “E. honda taking a dump in the corner is just annoying”. :lol:

I’m a fan of your site, you got great A groove Vidz… I downloaded them all… and the chicks are hella fione… :smiley: