Need help against focus attack spammers



Hey all, pretty new Juri player here (around 1000 pp on xbox live). I sometimes spar with my brother who mains Ryu and after a grab he found out that if he kept spamming focus attacks that i couldnt do squat against it.

He times them perfectly just as i get up and i can’t seem to do anything to get out of it. Pinwheel is too slow, the kasatushi doesn’t work. Dashing out of the way doesn’t work either. Even a fuhajin store does diddly squat. Only thing i can do to get out of it is the super or Ultra 2 which is not always applicable.

I know Juri has a weak wakeup game but this is ridiculous.

Any tips and tricks would be appreciated.



He’s doing level 3 focus attacks on your wakeup? Any invincible move will get out of this. EX Senpusha (pinwheel) is invincible for most of its startup. Backdashes are also invincible at the beginning of the animation, so that’s another option.


Are you sure? i tried letting out an EX Senpusha on wakeup and it never works. The animation starts and i get crumpled. Same for the dash, i start dashing out and end up getting hit and twirling through the air.


Best way to deal with focus attacks is to either throw 'em or use your own focus attack.


If that’s happening, he must be timing it late, in which case you can just jump or throw him.


I tried jumping out of the way, same thing happens. i get hit and twirl through the air. At least in these instances i don’t eat the super or the ultra.

I think i tried grabbing him too but i’m not sure. i’ll try it and get back to you with the results.


jump then dive kick then


Okay. Heres the deal. Level 3’s only work really if you dont think he’ll let it lose.

I back dash all day. I see a focus attack…i back dash. Back dash and punish. How you do is up to you. If you KNOW he will do focus attack, ultra it. He’ll stop quick.

Ex pinwheel. Time it so that his fist like…goes through you. Heh. Like…last second…pinwheel.

Or throw him.

You have options. Dont be afraid to use them.


Alright, i haven’t played in a while but i had some time to test out some of your tricks. There’s 3 things that seems to counter his Focus attacks. Ex Pinwheel (gotta have perfect timing or i eat it anyway), Ultra II and the Super. After catching him off guard a few times with these he nows only do it when i’m out of meter or baits my ex pinwheels by starting his focus attack then quickly backdashing then sweeping me when i stop spinning.

So it’s less awful than it used to be but it still pisses me off that his Ryu can counter almost all my moves on wakeup with no meter while my Juri is stuck unless i have meter or an ultra ready.

Maybe dashing would work better if i timed it correctly? I have no idea.


Jeff, If i could jump through the Screen and snuff you I would.

Why the fuck are you trying to ultra, ex pinwheel, or Super focus attacks? Yea if you see it coming…maybe…but thats REALLY not a good idea.

Just fucking block…and see if they’re gonna let loose. If they’re gonna let loose, back dash or jump. Or just throw him! People get scared of Focus Attacks. Thats throw bait to me.

Back dash, ex. fuhajin imo. Not as damaging but…gets the job done and is pretty safe.

And as for Ryu…just…fucking block. -_-a. That makes all of his special moves punishable.


He’s saying he doesn’t have time to backdash or jump. I call BS lol.

Juri has a pretty good back dash compared to the rest of the cast. It’s not the best, but still fast enough to get away from any wake up level 3 FA.

Just to be sure, a “backdash” is pressing back TWICE. (never know lol, he might be just holding back). Because a backdash has INVINCIBILITY in its start up frames. YES! Basically meaning they can’t touch you at all while you are backdashing. You don’t even have to time your dash either. Just mash it if you have trouble doing it. Press the back button really fast and multiple times when you are getting up.

What the hell are you talking about? You don’t need timing when you’re getting up. You can mash it or press it early and it’s still going to come out as a reversal. If “reversal” isn’t showing up in your side of the screen, then that means you are doing it WAY to slow or too late.


No he’s right. I wouldn’t be surprised if he traded ex pin or had one hit absorbed and lost out right.

Unlikely. But possible. Heh


Highly doubt that’s even possible as a reversal is technically armor breaking. He wouldn’t even be able to absorb 1 hit if he did it right.

It might have traded, I dunno. But then again, you still should be able to backdash on wake up. I just don’t understand the part where he’s saying he “doesn’t have enough time to backdash”


Well, to clarify, the animation for the ex pinwheel starts and connects once but then i eat the focus attack and get crumpled.

As for the backdash, maybe the timing is wrong? I’m still kind of a newbie at the game. Jumping doesn’t work, i start to jump away and get hit by the FA and end up twirling through the air and falling down to the ground on the other side of the screen.

Grab never seems to go through in those situations, maybe once again its timing based?

Thanks so far for the help guys. I’m going to ask my brother to jump into training mode with me and see what i can do to get out of those and keep you posted.

Unless Kail finds out where i live and snuffs me out :wink:


Seriously Jeff. If I could give you any advice for this game…block more. Know what your opponent is going to do.

If you think he’s gonna charge to level 3, then you get the fuck out of there. Jump… Back dash. Whatever.

If he’s gonna do a quick one… Just block. Always the best case when you can. To improve you must practice with putting yourself in tough situations.

Ex. I don’t like being in block stun vs Abel. It scares me. But you gotta be there to practice how to get out… You know?

If he knocks you down and doing focus attack just reversal. It armor breaks.

If you jump in and you see he’s gonna focus attack just land and throw.

If you can back dash, back dash… Jump back dive kick, or c mk xx ex fuhajin.

Just. Don’t give up and practice. No matter who you play as… You’ll have to get through this (no offense) basic problem.


Super old thread but I’ll chime in so others searching for focus attack tips can still be helped. I think op is NOT using a quick get-up on knockdown; this gives your opponent time to charge a level 3 focus attack that his right as you rise.


This is pretty outdated due to the buff the EX Wheel got during the last updates. Which means: Mash EX Wheel = get out of any retarded focus attempt on wakeup.
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dafuck ?


I used to have this problem, then I down back/backdash. Now it doesn’t happen really.