Need help against Haggar. Please help guys!



I am having trouble fighting Haggar with storm. He keeps me cornered with violent axe and air pipes. Every time i try to super jump or poke i end up getting hit and ground bounced. His damn violent axe is safe on guard and his pipe takes up a crap load of space. I cant seem to get out of the corner. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.


Learn to pushblock dude. Haggar couldnt catch Storm if he had a flight mode.


Pretty sure you can Fairwind QCF+S him throughout the whole match. It’s not like Haggar has any projectiles either!


I zone him with wind/lightning sphere’s/whirlwinds. You can push block violent axe and his pipe. If you time it right your S will beat his pipe (if he super jumps). Just don’t try to spam anything or the pipe will land on yo face. His violent axe could be punished with Elemental rage if you push block.


Whirlwind is the answer