Need help against Ken/Ryu

Im fairly new to the game so bare with me.
Im having difficulty with ken/ryu, as 90% of players use either of the two on PC, which is what I play on, and it’s incredibly annoying.

They toss fireballs to get close then just jump in and Sagat is too slow to uppercut after a fireball. HK doesnt ever work because they get close in enough before jumping in.

Ken can h.shoryuken without punishment most of the time and its super annoying.

Sagat is insanely slow and his hitbox is huge, zoning with him is tough for me, tips appreciated.

You just have learn how to space yourself correctly for an uppercut. You’ll trade at worst and juggle into ultra.

that didnt help at all. an example would help.

practice. As for the bolded statement you should not throw a fireball if they are within range to jump it and hit you. That is the whole point of zoning is watching your spacing and controlling their movement. its impossible for you to keep them at bay the entire game, so you have to work on a cq game at some point, just like golf, you cant drive it to the green every time. Back up , jump back, do not throw a fireball when they can successfully jump in. spamming fireballs with no method to the mayhem and trying to AA when they jump in is not zoning.

Sagat is not too slow to uppercut after a fireball, he has great recovery. NOBODY, can AA an opponent off a fb that was executed at bad range, and thats what you are doing or you have bad reaction skills.

you are simply getting out played, you throw fb’s they try to get to a range where they can jump in safely and then you give them what they want, an fb they can jump in on .

so im suppose to just stand there while they throw a fireball and jump in?
thats what they all do, doesnt make sense why i cant. sagat is too slow its stupid.

If you think Sagat is slow, go to Ryu or Ken. Beat them at their own game. Sounds to me you picked Sagat because he is #1 on the tier list…

if both of you guys throw fireballs, you’ll throw fireballs at a faster rate. This will force them to jump over your fireballs. Once they are within jumping range, you can fake them out and make them think you are throwing a fireball. You can crouch and throw a punch to make it look like you’re doing tigershot. Once they take the bait, they’ll jump and you uppercut.


You don’t always have to be hitting buttons. You hit random buttons then get punished for it. Why did you make a thread about something you already know the answer to?

It’s like a fat chick complaining about losing weight and saying “I know i need to diet and exercise but what else?”

did anyone say that? just use your brain, dont throw a friggin fireball when they can successfully jump in and you CANT as in its mechanically impossible for you to counter. You act as if the only tools sagat has is tiger and tiger upper cut and you just spam away.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. thats why sagat hasnt been used once in any top tournament…ok there…i chose him because i like his playstyle and because i refuse to be like every other player, aka ryuken.

and apparently have no idea how to utilize his playstyle.

as for the tourney comment.

maybe he hasnt won, but hasnt been used? I am sure people on the sagat forum here would beg to differ.


theres Mago beating Daigo, so much for your theory.

SBO, EVO, Bar Fights, top american players have mention that sagat hasnt been used at all and you can browse some other threads under the Sagat subsection adn you’ll see the exact same comments. There goes your theory.

so there wasnt one sagat player at evo? not one? Come on now. frequently used? maybe not. You said sagat isnt used AT ALL and thats just false. How about you link the thread where someone else said sagat has never been used at Evo/Sbo etc.

check the finals, tell me if u saw any kkthzbai

everyone knows sagat was disabled for all major tournaments

how old are you?

Acting like a smartass after asking for help isn’t going to help your cause.

at what point here did you say FINALS?

At what point did I say FINALS?

Cant change your story now. you said sagat isnt USED in any major tournament, you said nothing about finals. Quit being childish, you’re wrong get over it. You should have said Sagat rarely appears and wins in finals, which is true, instead you said sagat never appears in major tournaments, which is false.

Yes i didnt give a shit about what u were saying so i forgot to include the world finals, i dont care if u believe me or not, suit urself, either way he wasnt used in any finals…browse these forums to find out why hes not top.

Honestly dude, if you seriously want to be helped, you need to first deeply accept that there is a LOT you don’t know about this game. I don’t mean to sound condescending or harsh, I just really want to drive that point home. You learn the fastest when you feel like you know nothing because your mind is so open. Humble pie, man.

You’re arguing with everyone who’s offered you advice thus far. These guys were nice enough to take the time to help you, especially when these kinds of threads usually just get hate-spammed and closed, or ignored altogether. (There are already existing threads in this subsection that cover everything you’re asking about.) I urge you to earnestly consider what they’re writing for you.

This isn’t some wussy self-help book. This is friendly advice. This is how life works. Just like pretty much everything else in life, there are no magic secrets that will make you good at Street Fighter; you have to build up your skills bit by bit, a little at a time.

I promise and guarantee you that a lot of denial stems from the arrogant attitude you’re brandishing all over the place in this thread, and that denial is specifically the biggest thing holding you back from growing into a stronger player.

The more you know you don’t know, the better you can become! :looney:

Want to know how you could have approached the situation then? Instead of acting like a 2 year old. You could have said what you meant in a reply to begin with instead of being a tool, and I probably would have agreed with you and it could have ended like that.

Again, i never said he appears frequently in finals, and i never said I didnt believe he didnt, because thats not what you said. So quit with this crap.

Jesus just end this thread, let him keep getting pummeled by FCK.